Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mon petit chou...

today i am grateful for...

carepackages from the ultimate treasure huntress...my mother. she frequently sends me giant boxes filled with various foundlings, newspaper/ magazine clippings, childhood ephemera, homemade chocolate chip cookies, recipes to try, and knick knacks galore.

today, she gifted me julia child's mastering the art of french cooking.

mastering the art of french cooking front cover

not only have i been itchin' to see this movie, with just about anyone who will accompany me, but i genuinely want to master proper french cuisine. my friends tease me that my "spirit eater" is an old french lady. i'll agree to that.


crepe pans


and how darling are these illustrations? cook book illustrations are awfully adorable.


i think i read cook books half for their diagrams, index of terms, definitions and drawings. i like the learning process more than the end result... well, maybe not with food...eating the finished product is pretty rewarding.

fleur de lis

this fleur de lis pattern would make a yummy wallpaper, non? fleur de lis' remind me of my sweet corrie pellerin. my new orleans baby.

mastering the art of french cooking back cover

hopefully i will evolve into a master of french cooking in no time yet. fingers crossed. til then i will have to drool over sites like sprouted kitchen, sunday-suppers, sweet paul, and smitten kitchen. au revoir cheries.

*****p.s who knew julia was such a tall drink of water? cheers to that*****


Ms. B said...

I have this very same book! I squealed with delight when I came across it in the bookstore. I just know the shop keeper was looking at me like I had lost my mind. I haven't made anything from the book yet but I'm dying to dive right into the dessert section, I just need to find the time!


Miss B said...

Oooh...pretty new header!

I saw the movie last weekend, and it was fantastic, it really was. Meryl Streep was uncanny.

(side note: "chou" is a masculine noun, no matter who it is being applied to -- so it ought to be "mon petit chou" -- even if you're addressing a female sweetheart)

Okay, my syntactical fussiness is over now.

Much warmth to you, lovely...

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

miss b, i thought something was off! thank you, my french is super rusty!

JC said...

I've been on a hunt for an old copy of this book for ages! DK saw one in a junk store once, but before it registered, someone else saw it and snatched it right up... Anyway, your copy looks dreamy, and how sweet of your mother to send it to you!

FYI, I would totally see J&J with you. They're even playing it at the theater by the park.

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i found another one of her books, Julia Child & Company, on the street. a lot of the dishes seemed so out of date. but i just read her biography "My Life in France" (highly recommended btw!!) and i think this will give me new perspective and inspiration next time i pick up her cookbook.

Anonymous said...

The movie was adorable. I generally don't like Streep, but mygoodness, she played an excellent Julia Child! Lucky you on receiving an original MTAoFC! It's my current hunt... If you love diagrams and drawings and tools and glossaries, buy The Silver Spoon - it's like a Joy of Cooking for Italian cuisine and it's speckled with so much information and little drawings with wiggly, nervous lines, it will make you squeal :)

sweet paul said...

Im sure you will get there very soon

Alexandra said...

Both the book and the movie of "Julie and Julia" were great. So heartwarming! And they made me want to cook boeuf bourguignon for everyone!

Emerson Merrick said...

I need to see the movie! I'm cookin up a plan for a design sponge post about it. Can we pleeeeease have a date already!?

hippyhippychic said...

i really want to see that film,
good luck with the recipes!


b. said...

i thought it was a sweet movie. my hubby didnt want to see it so.. i went alone while he went and saw another movie. :)

The Purple Foodie said...

Your mom is so wonderful! We finally have the moving coming out next week in our theatres and I can't wait to watch it

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