Friday, July 24, 2009

a letter to corrie...



happy birthday corrie wright pellerin.

i wish you were here so i could sing thriller at the top of my lungs at you. and jump in your bed to force you to get up. 

i would make you peanut butter pie and we could share the whole thing. if we had a car, maybe we could drive and blast ridin' dirty by chamillionaire and i'm in love with a stripper by t-pain. and maybe even temperature by sean paul. we could do impressions of people and laugh until we snort. 

maybe, if i'm lucky, i could hear you say "hey buddy, it's just your world we're livin' in!"  

we could watch grey gardens and debate which beale we're gonna be when we grow up. my bet is you're the old one, naked, eating ice cream in bed. 

or we could just quote anchorman and wedding crashers and annoy everyone around us with our inside jokes. 

i could do a before and after photo documentary of you on a night out. before: you all glammed up in a purty, sparkly party dress and sassy high heels. after: a zoom of your bare feet. classic.

miss corrie, you are my funniest friend. one of the most loyal people i know. have impeccable taste in every aspect. are beautiful inside-out. southern in all the right ways.  and you can put any man in his place. 

you were one of my bridesmaids and one of my best friends in the whole wide world. you are my friend who reminds me most of my mother. and i mean that in the best way. i miss you so much it makes me cry, and i wish you were here right now so we could do all of the above. i hope you had the best birthday and i love you dearly.

p.s  i'm so glad you were born.


Marcine M. said...

this is one of the sweetest things I've ever read! you' have a golden heart! and happy birthday to corrie!

beccablue said...

If only everyone celebrated their friends...let their friends know how & why & how much they are loved the world would be so much more...rosy. Thank you! (Happy Birthday :)

hayliebird said...

i'm crying! happy birthday sweet corrie. i have missed you ever since our weekend together at serenbe for ginny's wedding extravaganza.
wish miss katie a happy belated bday too. some day i am coming down to see you!

Maria said...

i can comment on these things! who knew! soooo you two are adorable and i miss seeing both of you!
ms. jessica burchard is engaged and i am in her wedding..congrats to her! anyway she is researching weddings and came across yours! it looked awesome...congrats to you!

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