Sunday, July 19, 2009

the littlest of things...

happy sunday y'all.

here are some people, places things that i am very grateful for...


1. staring out windows and day dreaming. i probably do this way too often. i am hypnotized by the sunlight and its shadows.

2. learning how to cook dinner for my husband... and sort of failing. my sweet man is such a good sport.

3. lemonade and key lime graham gelato from lia's, an ice cream shack in brooklyn.

4. baby and dog watching at prospect park. 

5. positive bloggers who continually and consistently renew my faith in humanity... gala darling, the rockstar diaries, frolic, and lobster and swan

6. kind of like martha stewart for folks who are short on time and patience. i particularly fancy their new uses for everyday objects series. so good.

7. unearthing my favorite red lipstick. it had been hiding for a while and i found her during my unpacking! 

i hope all y'all are taking full advantage of this delicious weather and having a wonderful summer so far!


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i agree...bloggers do keep my faith in humanity and all the beauty that is out there.

Solar Oven said...

Positive bloggers? Absolutely. Every single day ...

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