Saturday, July 11, 2009

test post

well, shoot. i am trying to figure out how to make my photos larger and centered on this thing (blogger). any one know how? i've tried googling the answer, and i keep going around in circles.

p.s this was one of our cake toppers from our wedding, courtesy of miss haylie-bird waring. she's amazing. check out her blog for more statuettes she created for my bridesmaids.


Cypriotchick said...

well they're definately centred! i have heard if u upload them on an external image host site then u can have them as big as u want!


Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

they're always centered in the page, just sometimes not in the reader. you could try using the html< center>< /center> tag around your photo information:

as for the size, i hate it too! sometimes i upload the photos to flickr to get the original sizing. best of luck!

Ruta said...

sooo cute.

uppload them on another iste like photobucket and copy and paste when u update the blog.

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

i think i have the centered part down, but i cannot figure out how to take the photo from flickr onto my blog. i'm so confused!

lucy. said...

i upload pics to flickr where you can then choose the 'all sizes' option when looking at a photo, choose the size of photo you want to imbed then just cut and paste the code into your blog post.
bam, big photo.

i've played around with flickr a lot so feel free to ask me more.

best of luck!

lucy. said...

you should center the curser before you paste the text in. if you want the next photo to be right next to it, paste the next photos code right next to it. if you want it to be directly below just press enter and make sure the curser is centered before pasting the next photos code.
hope that works.

Danielle said...

i agree, the size of the pictures on blogger is terrible.

i always use the flickr direct linking thing.. but i sometimes use pictures, that are not my own and i do not want to put those up on flickr, cause it just feels wrong.. but then yes, photobucket is a great idea.

i wrote a little post on your wedding photos: i am green with envy, as you might be able to tell :)

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