Friday, July 10, 2009

red, white and china blue...

happy(belated) birthday america. i wish i could have baked you a cake with 233 sparklers stuck in it.

i think i need to commission katie runnels to make me her version of this wreath! oh i loves it.

mollie little peppermint flowers. found in the town of peterborough.

ooh boy do i love me some new england. i saw connecticut, massachusetts, new hampshire, and vermont- and all in four days! charming. elegant yet rustic. clean and green. but also very red, white, and blue! momma branch would be so proud! miss merrick was yay close to being a fourth of july baby, which makes sense because she is quite the firecracker! she is what literary heroines are made of. jo march and anne shirley ain't got nothin' on this lady!


Anonymous said...

Yayy for late 4th of July! I love the flowers, they are so pretty :)

Isabel said...

Those peppermint flowers are so cute? Are the from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada?

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