Saturday, August 22, 2009

good girls...

today i am grateful for...

g letter

E letter

1. blind friend dates. i met the lovely jc from mystic domestica for a late afternoon showing of julie and julia. she is incredibly articulate, modest, and has one of the neatest jobs doing development for a poetry library. and she is incredibly thoughtful. she also gifted me with an "E" and a "G" alphabet block. it made me so happy! i immediately added them to the ginny and ed ephemera mantle.

2. feel-good movies. julie and julia was such a darling, uplifting treat. not to mention, i want to live in her kitchens. especially the one in paris and the one in cambridge, massachusetts. and i admire julia child. i admire her spirit, her enthusiasm, her love for food and her husband, and her cheerful disposition. i really wish i could have been friends with her.

3. summer afternoon thunderstorms. thick, black clouds with loud claps of thunder. good cracks of lightening. we needed it badly. this heatwave was driving everyone mad, particularly me. i am one cranky baby in hot weather.

4. "craft night" with chelsea cook. she is in the process of making another beautiful wedding dress, and i was supposed to be embroidering my wedding quilt. she was diligent. i however nursed a tea cup of red wine and gossiped instead. charming.

paperdoll dress

dress repai r2

dress repair

a few rips and tears that i want to attempt to darn. i think darning is one of the neatest methods of garment repair. i can't wait.

5. the paper doll dress. this is the chelsea cook half of our paper doll costume, from halloween many moons ago at SCAD. chelsea is in the process of cleaning out her closet, which is filled with the most amazing vintage dresses. this silhouette is not her favorite shape, so she gifted it to me! the colors, the drop-waist, the bubble hem. oh. my. word. i adore this dress. and have crazy sentimental attachment to it. it definitely went to a loving home.


JC said...

I had so much fun with you!! And you are too kind & cute. I'm so glad you like your blocks!

That dress made me gasp audibly. The skirt alone! Swooooon.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Julie and Julia! I'm glad to hear it was uplifting. Sounds right up my alley. I am also so very grateful for afternoon thunderstorms. :)

MC's Closet said...

love this vintage dress!!!



Marcine M. said...

Oh, I just saw this tonight and adored it! It really had me grinning from cheek to cheek all the way home. It made me so excited to cook and bake again!

You are a doll! Reading your blog is so uplifting, I don't think I could ask for more!

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