Tuesday, August 25, 2009

grateful days: jenn alexander fletcher from blonde shot creative

today i am grateful for...

1- my wonderful & sober husband who has agreed to square dance lessons
2- our animals that are always happy to see me when I get home
3- my parents who are still happily married
4- that Autumn is around the corner
5- Pioneer Woman & the few minutes she gifts me of completely stress-free thought

today's grateful days list came from one of my former co-workers from the paris market in savannah, georgia. she was one of the adorable gals whipping up frozen hot chocolates and infused waters, while i was sweet talking folks into buying fantastic antiques and fresh products. jenn has a wild sense of humor, makes a mean espresso, and photographed one of my favorite pin-up girl series. i am so grateful for her list that popped into my inbox! and she had a mighty cute wedding too...


Anjelica said...

Your blog is gorgeous!

I have given you an award! Check out my blog for more info!

emma wallace said...

What a wonderful list! I, too, am grateful for Autumn among other things.
Love your blog and the whimsical/melancholic art.

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