Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 things i am grateful for...

today i am grateful for...

1. community. it feels nice to be a part of a larger whole. in the city, life felt a lot faster. a lot harder. and a lot lonelier. it feels nice to have neighbors who smile as you pass their flower stand on the way to the train. who ask about your husband at the deli. who wave eagerly as you pass their restaurant. oh it feels too good.


2. partaking in local memberships.  gym. library. and now c.s.a. which might be the best program ever designed! little miss jc at mystic domestica introduced me to the whole concept, and i couldn't be more thankful! i came home to an overwhelming amount of fresh produce. my sweet husband lugged our goodies home all by his lonesome... kale, cilantro, onions, squash, corn, lettuce, garlic, cucumbers, peaches, and plums! oh my! i ate my first plum and wolfed down a peach. we shared a cucumber, eating it momma merrick style. and corn on the cob with butter and salt. i think i might start giving farm fresh produce to people as presents...

3. receiving a clean haircut by the cutest barber in the history of the earth. i feel like im sneaking into a boys club every time i go for a trim. the shop is run by the baudiest bunch of barbers who make me blush as soon as i cross their threshold...but not mike. he is so handsome and polite. and a true gentleman. he is currently helping me keep my hair tidy while i attempt to grow it out. he goes to the chelsea antiques garage flea market on sundays; has an old timey barber pole tattooed on his forearm; has a phonograph radio station; and used to cut his grandmother's hair. what's not to love?

4. waking up at 7:00 am to enjoy the sun rise, drink coffee, and gather my thoughts. i never thought i would be a morning gal, but you know what? i highly recommend it! if you have the means. it is so choice. 

5. hearing other people's gratitudes. it really is an instant mood lifter to hear what made other folk's day so dang good. can you list 5 things that made your day better? please tell me. i like reading them, hearing them, sharing them...


Ahip said...

Love your posts. I'm grateful for them, just so's you know.

Also, I'm currently grateful for:

1) Warm homemade chai on rainy mornings.
2) The snowglobe effect of meteor showers.
3) Pouring, thundering, lightning-infused thundershowers, and the delightful danger of driving in them.
4) Band-aids.
5) Watermelon, forever and ever.

PEACE, comrade.

Look Mom said...

i did it! and it felt good! who knew? :-)

Anonymous said...

so, hi! ive been reading your blog since i saw your wedding on and i have found peace and joy in the little things that you blog about! so i wanted to share my 5 things that i am grateful for...
1. laughing with my family today while we played tripley and eat blt's. it was a great carefree time and i needed it since i am getting married in 30 days and the stress is at an all time high!
2. going to the county fair today. seeing all the kids smile and try to win prizes. having my son, jack 2 1/2, get so excited to see the animals and my daughter, emily 1 1/2, she couldnt believe the rides! her eyes as big as plates when she saw the ferris wheel!
3. my fiance, rob, he told me today i looked beautiful in my green necklace. it kinda took my breath away that he still notices the small stuff and how lucky i am to have such an amazing person to spend the rest of my life with and be the father of our children! :)
4. silly text messages from my future in-law cousins. they make me laugh, smile and look forward to being part of their family all the time!
5. im grateful you asked what made me grateful today! although my list is a list of happy things that fill my heart to the brim... lifes kinda stressful and wearin' me thin! so thanks!
-Ashleigh :)

Peter Hale Cooney III said...

i'm grateful for the card i just opened from you in the mail, i cried, you're one of the very few that has that power over me, i love you an Ed more then you know xoP

Gemma Mortlock said...

Hiya, i love reading your blog it liofts my moods all the time to read such fun adventures from across the sea's. (being an english girl myself :)
Well 5 things that i love and am grateful for?
. Waking up cocooned in my lovely fluffy new quilt with ashley mmm
.Walking through the market in the mornings on my way to work and being waved at and greeted by the stall holders
.A nice warm cup of tea snuggled in the corner of my sofa
.a cuddle from ashley after a long days work.

I have never done this before, but it's surprisingly therapuetic, it really has cheered me up and made me think of all the ahppy things in my life.

Thanks for a great morning of inspiration.

Christina Lowry said...

1. Looking at my newly finished crochet ripple blanket laying across our couch and still being surprised that I made it.
2. My babies laugh, I think there is nothing sweeter than the pure joy of a baby.
3. A walk by the river on a sunny Winter day while the baby sleeps in his pram.
4. Soup and home made bread for dinner with a glass of wine.
5. Watching my husband dig holes in the garden for new plants and dreaming of how our garden will look.


Employment Australia said...

Keep counting your blessings!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

this is the best thing i have woken up to in a looooong time! i keep reading each one over and over and smiling. i love these.

mining jobs said...

There are a lot of simply little things we should be grateful about. Thanks for reminding us how grateful we were.

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

and i love my sweet pete. i am grateful for you every day!

Philippine Real Estate said...

This is a very nice post it did inspire me to tell people I love how grateful I’ am to have them in my life and for making my life so colorful. This article is a beautiful reminder for us to be thankful every day we spent life here on earth.

Anonymous said...

My vegetable garden
My new bird feeder crafted by a sweet old man at the flea market
Dinner with mom and dad
My husband - always
Pugs (how could you not laugh at those sweet faces?)

lindsey said...

oh ginny.

i am grateful for:

1.parker saying dadadadada. good friend kyong being in town.
3. homemade turkey chili. fresh eggs, honey, blueberry jam, garlic, squash, dilly beans, and coriander.
5.seeing you tonight?

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...


baby parker spoke!!! when? did you cry? she is too precious!

your friend brought you the tasty treats! ooh farm fresh eggs, i'm jealous!

turkey chili? i need the recipe!

and i'm pretty sure tonight is good to go... i have to go to the city tonight sometime to hear my friend dj in the l.e.s

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

I'm grateful for....

1) the community built through the City Daily Photo Blogs. I visit several cities/continents a day without leaving the computer.

2) doing my share by adding Greensboro, NC to the city daily photo list.

3) blogs like yours that photograph and talk about upbeat good things and keep us in touch with all that is good about the younger generation!

4) yoga class and that "cleansed" feeling that stays with you for hours after a session.

5) art and photography shared on the Internet. We all have access to such beauty to internalize and to share with family and friends, effortlessly.

Mrs. GDP

Kristie said...

OOO yay! I should start doing this everyday... I think you should write a book- compiling all the things you've been grateful for and telling others how to find joy in the everyday things. it truly makes you feel better and gives perspective. go ginny!
I'm grateful for:
1. my funny mother who loves flo rida's song "Low" and attempts to sing it whenever requested. " with the furrrr." makes anyone laugh...
2. my doctor in shining white coat who kept his cool while trying to help me w/my energy efficient thermostat installation fiasco. and who gave me a thank you kiss for bringing him an egglewich deluxe and his ID badge he had left at home.
3. a couple of beautiful, sunshiney hours at the beach in charleston followed by the sight of dark clouds creeping up to the shoreline for an afternoon storm.
4. finally feeling good running again! after a long hiatus bc of travels, i'm almost back into running shape
5. for football season being upon us again! GO DAWGS!

JC said...

I'm so glad you joined!!!!! Weren't this week's tomatoes outrageously beautiful? I felt guilty eating them last night. And try to save some of your peaches for that creme fraiche pie... it's seriously like the best pie ever and so easy to make.

Right now, I'm grateful for:

1) the gorgeous gorgeous weather today, so I can errand in the sun
2) the genius makers of Coke Zero; bless them!
3) '90s music videos on YouTube
4) my sweet kitty, who's sleeping on my dresses after a long night of tumbling and frolicking
5) my man's summer Fridays!! He'll be home soon, and we can spend an entire Friday afternoon together

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

kristie day. that made my eyes just well up with tears at work. i miss you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks. and ed's coming, but you will be my date. it will be like the good ole days at westy!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

and flo rida's song "low" is one of my faves. although, "right round" is pretty spectacular. i wake up eddie sometimes with this song.

Anonymous said...

Love the Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference...

Emerson Merrick said...

Ginny! Every friday i make the girls at Moon River tell me their gratitudes for the week. Keeps me posted on the good things that happened while i was away from the store!

Mine for today....

1. Met Kate Flaim for the first time on the high line for scones. Awesome girl from Kate F, Girl Reporter....

2. Mom called me twice, just to say hi!

3. Found long lost camera cord

4. Ate the first of my homemade pickles. divine.

5. Got an anonymous tip to check inside the new sartorialist book.... Eek!!

Emerson Merrick said...

ps- also grateful for mike the barber. kit and i download the show on saturdays and listen to it at work while swooning over the fact that a boy like that could even exist.

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