Saturday, August 15, 2009

grateful days and new traditions...

today i am grateful for...



summer's sun-scorched flowers. i like imperfections. a whole lot.

thank y'all for posting your gratitudes. i kept smiling to myself throughout the entire day. i would like to start "grateful days" where i post y'alls gratitude lists with a photo of your choosing (or i can dig through archives and pick one, if preferred) and a link to your blog or website. i was going to assign this to a specific day, like every friday... but i think i would rather show gratitude love all week long.

if interested, please email your 5 things and photo to me at ginnybranch(the "at" symbol)gmail(dot)com. sorry to spell it out this way... i've just heard it thwarts all those unfortunate spammers.

merci beacoup, sweet folks out there!

1 comment:

b. said...

happy weekend! xo.

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