Saturday, August 22, 2009

darn it and mend it all...

the best part of unpacking is unearthing forgotten treasures. this was a paris market purchase from back in the day. paula pulled it out to show me and it was an instant purchase. no thought required.





i bought it when i signed up for embellished surfaces, an embroidery class at SCAD's fibers department. this was my favorite class i ever took, and the only kind of sewing i can manage. give me a needle and thread and a decorative objective, and i'll be a happy camper. stick me behind a sewing machine and i break out into cold sweats.

but i love the art of fabric manipulation and textile decoration. every aspect.






smocking. one of my all-time favorites.




darning. i can't wait to give this a go. i have several garments in need of it.

nicole's notes2


and her notes are little works of art. the graph paper and the penmanship. makes me want to take a calligraphy class, really badly.

i wish my marks for my swatch book back in sewing tech were as glowing. my highest score was a 6/10 at best. i wonder if nicole became a dressmaker in paris. or if this was just a home-ec type of class required by the l'ecole. i guess i will just have to wonder...


Di Brito said...

Oh what a glorious find! To catch a glimpse into someones life for just a brief moment - awesome.
Di from San Francisco

sqweakygurl said...

i love finding things like that. something that was once dear to someone else. as much as i sew sometimes i think i would be used to the machine by now, i never am lol.

My heart asks pleasure said...

It's so magical! What a treasure.

Anonymous said...

very nice

Roz said...

What a lovely thing to find! I love rediscovering things..
I've just come across your blog, its really interesting!

Anonymous said...

How darling!! I love finding such lovely things while in the process of moving.

Anonymous said...

wow, it's perfect, it's fabulous embroidery, love to have it............


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Bethany said...

i am so jealous of that book! seriously lusting after it!

chelsea rose said...

holy smokes that book is amazing!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

did i never show you this in sa-va-nah nah nah, miss cook? surely i must've!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny

I am starting a new blog, and writing about darning and I wondered if I could mention this post and show a few of the pictures of your wonderful book?

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,

I'm starting a new blog ( and writing about darning. I wondered if I could mention you and show a few of your pictures of your lovely book?

Mant thanks


"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

hey emma, of course! you're so sweet to ask :)

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