Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend discoveries...

1. anyone who knows me knows my obsession with collage art. drawings over vintage paper and ephemera. free motion embroidery. is my new guilty pleasure. discovered through frolic. consistently adorable.

2. the sleepy rebels song "unbelievable" for the j.c penney commercial . i sing it to myself all the time.

3. seeing my girls, au revoir simone, in vogue. i am so proud. i need to scan the photo. well, i just need to own a scanner.

4. the video below of the original supermodels filmed by peter lindbergh. these ladies really did rule the world. my god, what stunners.

5. i want to pick vegetables from obama's garden. pretty please.

6. edison bulbs for $10. moon river chattel. ask for amy merrick. i love the sweet warm glow it casts. a naked bulb never looked so good.

7. save the words. please.

8. how to be charismatic. i am always drawn to lists and how-tos. self-helps and postive thinking. i think this part of me developed when i discovered oprah.


chelsea said...

I love your lists! Thanks for the link I am quite obsessed with collages myself.

Ruta said...

haha, lol Obama and his garden. That's so cute. Haha. Wow. I love that.

Ondine said...

Nobody makes women look more real and beautiful than Peter Lindbergh - I just love his photos.

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