Wednesday, March 11, 2009

happy birthday annabel and christian...

i went to a very fun prom-themed birthday party. the invite said campy or chic. i will always choose kitsch over class. always.

annabel tollman and christian langbein making birthday wishes.

the birthday girl wearing a yummy, frothy tulle vintage(i'm sure) frock and a very shiny headband. looking blonde and ethereal. my favorite.

ginny loves eddie. mad hatter and hit man from pulp fiction.

peter hale cooney dancing in all his golden girls/ brandon flowers fabulousness.

my favorite post-prom moment was the late-night pilgramidge to the essex and delancey mcdonalds, where we were gawked at and interrogated by the workers behind the counter. i was asked if i was a horse and carriage driver or if i had just gotten married. judging by my outfit, it was clear what kind of "marriage" or *ahem* civil union they were hinting at. oh well. i thought i looked like a combination of the mad hatter and alice. ed thought i looked like charlie chaplin.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, that looks like an awesome party.

And I'm with you - always campy over chic.

Vanessa said...

Very funny posting.I can imagine the party was very funny and you enjoyed in this party.

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