Monday, March 23, 2009

southern charm school...

savannah college of art and design is kind of the "sleeper hit" of design schools. far away from the typical locations of other design schools-new york, california, chicago, rhode island-savannah may seem like an unlikely contender for an art college. and yet i am constantly amazed by its students. the school is barely 30 years old and some amazing raw talent has sprung out of it. and quite frankly, has some of the kindest talent, as well. the professors are amazing. the guest speakers are legendary-marc jacobs, karim rashid, linda fargo, tom ford, pierre cardin, oscar de la renta, andre leon talley, vera wang, zac posen, chip kidd, robert redford, and so on and so forth. grace bonney of design sponge loves savannah so much she is having her wedding there. it's charming, victorian, and unique.

and we have athletic teams. go bees.

here are some of my favorite scad grads...

the beautiful ladies of domestic construction. i lived with miss trish the dish one fine, hot summer in bushwick.

the wunderkind filmakers of dandy dwarves. the dream team that utilized the "best of" from every major at scad. legends.

lucas wilson photographer. i wanted him to drop out when we were freshmen and just move to new york . he is just that good.

emily marie cox. one of the cutest pixies i have ever met. works for woven play and makes the cutest cards, illustrations, and dollies known to man. and she is one heck of a prop stylist. and she works for woven play.

haylie bird waring. textile designer. toy maker. dream builder. mary poppins of a nanny. she introduced me to blogging.

adam smith and halligan norris. soon to be mr. and mrs. smith. they should have a blog just about their wedding preparation. one of the most amazingly talented couples i know-and both pretty easy on the eyes!

lovey dovey abby hyslop. textile designer and all-around cutie-pie. her blog makes me feel warm inside.

amanda finn. dreamy filmaker who i am trying to convince to be my wedding viedeographer.

emily searle. her portraits of girls make me so.very.happy. i am pleased to have worked with her.

angelina hobbs. another female photographer who rocks my socks off.

molly gottschalk. muse to david lachapelle/model/photographer/writer/ renaissance lady.

britt spencer. storybook illustrator. prodigy. apparently very good at impersonations.

katie runnels. constant gatherer. wreath maker. bell jar story teller. mixed media darling.

and the list goes on. and on. and on. not too shabby for the south, eh?


Ruta said...

Wow, I love those. My favourite has got to be the bell jar one. But everythig is so wonderful. Especially the world of the soon to be mr. and mrs. smith. Gorgeous.

Joanna Goddard said...

amazing. i love this round-up. the girls underwater look so intriguing!

*L said...

you're in good company! don't forget about yourself. I want to see more of your bows!

teenfashionista said...

What a wonderful post! This makes SCAD seem like the most magical place in the nation. A visit is definitely in order!

oni said...

i went to scad! but then i transfered to be back on the west coast. I loved it there though!

Lovey Dovey said...

ooohhh thanks for the lil' shout out ginny! how fun! many talented girlies that i love so much! yay!

Tanya said...

I knew someone in the Dandy Dwarves! He was my ex-boyfriend's brother. Now my best friend and ex-boyfriend are going there.

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