Thursday, March 19, 2009

so long winter, farewell...

today i am grateful for...

1. this is the last full day of winter. hip hip hooray! all of new york is singing, "grey skies are gonna clear up..."

2. my love branch came in the mail from etsy seller samskiart. and she came all the way from england! little embroiders are so precious in their hoops. it's a readymade frame!

3. getting a chuckle from james chartrand's winnie the pooh guide to blogging. pooh is so wise!

4. sweet kisses from eddie as i am writing this.

5. amy merrick helping me finish a few last-minute save-the-dates. although, i am such a dunce. i managed to reverse the placement of address labels. kind of a huge fiasco unrealized until i went to mail them all this morning. i ended up boo hoo-ing at the post-office in front of all the ladies behind the counter. oh well, i'm sure i will find this day.

****if anyone has any comparable stories of wedding planning unfortunate events, i am all ears...

6. finding this uplifting quote somewhere in blogland. for a happy little quote book, go to the serendipity factor.

7. painting my nails with the best shade of grey. hello kitty for mac. ebay it y'all. peter hale cooney III made a special phone call to me during work to tell me about this perfect shade of grey. they need to re-issue this deliciousness. i know i sound like such a teenybopper, but i feel good about it.


Krista Beth said...

Ginny, wedding planning was so time consuming and emotionally draining for me. My advice is to do the best you can but have no expectations for the day itself. Don't take on too many projects and make sure that you have lots of helping hands on the day of to see your vision through. I'm sure it will be gorgeous and I can't wait to see pictures!

PS - I have a few wedding books that you might find helpful. They are yours if you want them.

Cali Girl said...

i cant wait for "grey gardens".. i made a post about a week or so ago!!

ps i love your blog!

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