Wednesday, November 10, 2010

suzy menkes: cyber craft

{source via nowness}

oh i love this so much. isn't it a charming timeline of the evolution of fashion + technology? it is fascinating at which the speed of digital media is democratizing, well, everything? as much as i celebrate life pre-technology, i must admit i'm pretty thankful for its presence. i would have loved to have attended this conference with suzy menkes to discuss the topic of how the digital age is affecting luxury and craftsmanship and the "sensory pleasures" of shopping in brick and mortar shops.

i especially love this romantic, vintage cinema music playing in the background with the layering of computer noises. and the juxtaposition of the hand-embroidery(old) with the style of film-making that is very modern at the moment. lagerfeld really does say it the best “make a better future by developing elements from the past.”


Karen at French Skinny said...

So lovely.

uggkicks said...

Really lovely!

Rebekka Seale said...

This was incredibly had a sorta retro-disney feel to it, which I loveeeee!

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