Saturday, November 6, 2010

spotlight on: side braids

side braid

side braid 2

{sources ☞vanessa jackman, zara}

or any braids for that matter(side, fishtail, and heidi are my top three faves). when i had long hair this was my default 'do. i have been seeing lots of braids popping up on cute style blogs and i dig it. can't wait for long hair, have i mentioned that enough yet?!

p.s the sloppy, shleppy vintage marc jacobs-y styling for this zara shoot knocked it out of the park for me! i love layers and layers. i'm a more is more kinda gal :)


kristin elena. said...

side braids are the best! when i don't feel like trying to fix the wavy mess thats on top of my head, i'll let it air dry and then braid it. i wish i was more coordinated, i love fishtail braids but cant seem to do them on my own self.

Marcheline said...

I've worn braids of one sort or another my entire life, and they're great as a style or as a "set" for wavy hair the next day!

Mei-li said...

aaa I 'm in love with the zar fall 2010 collection !! and my current obsession in long hair, bu mine are short, ooh I want them grow up up !

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