Monday, November 8, 2010

gifts for your overly eccentric friend...

grey gardens gift guide 2

grey gardens gift

{sources via new york times, the snail and the cyclops}

{grey gardens book, vintage fur coat, hermes silk scarf, steiff cat, wallpaper box, little edie's diary, flower brooch, wolford bodysuit}

*****also check out amy merrick's living in post for more edie beale-inspired items!


Angela (Posy Moe) said...

J'adore this post almost as much as j'adore the Edies. Here's to all those who share Edie's "staunch character".

Blayne Beacham said...

Smiles :)

marygrace said...

Proof that I am an eccentric ... I love all of these items!

Anna G said...

I'm slightly eccentric and would gladly accept any of those gifts. :)

wool and misc said...


"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

angela: staunch characters unite! heck yeah!

blayne: right back at you boo

marygrace: thanks!three cheers for all of the fellow odd balls of the world!

anna: slightly? i am full on, there is no turning back-ha!

wool&misc: merci girl!

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