Saturday, November 6, 2010

cheer up charlie...

cheer up charlie

i am not normally one to post any bummer moments up in here. keep it chipper and cheerful, but i definitely have no good, very bad days. this week was plagued with series of unfortunate events...nothin' major, just the kind of things that make you gnash your teeth and want to pull out your hair. things of the technical variety(computer screens cracking, iphone screens shattering) all the way to the down-right scary(accidentally getting on the freeway when your contacts are the wrong prescription and it's almost dark). silly stuff that just adds up, you know? anway, i am starting a "cheer up charlie" bank of feel-good things that seem to do the trick. here is what is working for me now...

{sources ☞ doyle & doyle/1st dibs, martha stewart, kissssssssing blog, katie evans blog, tinsel trading}

1. loving on my beagles. having pets is such a cure-all, especially when you have a lovey dovey duo.
2. flea marketing and drooling over heirloom engagement rings. part of me wants to collect them one day and wear them all stacked up on one finger. kinda weird but also kind of romantic, no?
3. cupcakes, tried and true. still a fan even though they're considered passé.
4. talking on the phone with my girlfriends or sisters or parents. my friends and family are pretty awesome :)
5. smooching eddie. i love my sweet man.
6. champagne and shiny stuff. never fails to boost my mood.

also, blogs like this one help a lot too!

what works for you?


Verhext said...

cupcakes and diamonds, sign me up!

Camille said...

Hrm, I will confess it, looking at the photos of shiny things you post and clicking on this: help a lot!

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