Monday, November 15, 2010

the nutcracker

nutcracker 1

nutcracker 2


{all photos rachel papo}

i am getting fired up to go to nyc in december with my boss lady, annette joseph. it's going to be a busy whirlwind, but i hope to sneak in an evening at the ballet to see balanchine's the nutcracker. it is without a shadow of a doubt the most magical version i've seen. i am currently looking at rachel papo's behind-the-scenes photos of the costumes and swooning. i am tempted to start listening to the music, but i can't decide if it's too early or not.

* fun fact, when i would be running late to work in new york i would listen to the candy cane song and pretend i was kevin running through the airport in home alone. because i am just that dorky.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in nyc when you go. :)


hannah and landon said...

geeez, I love you so. If you have a minute of free time while you're here I'd love to steal it from you! :D

Krista said...

1. It's totally not too early for the Nutcracker

2. If you ever get a chance, Columbia City Ballet in SC has the best Nutcracker I've ever seen (and I've seen the New York City Ballet perform it)

Kate said...

Aww I love the nutcracker! Hope you have a great time seeing it in NY, how lucky!!

Marinka said...

I love the nutcracker too..Those costumes are great..I hope you will have a great time

Mei-li said...

i love the pictures of rachel papo

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