Monday, November 15, 2010

current obsession: olio lusso

oil lusso

images via into the gloss

if i ever win the lottery, this will be my annual ultimate stocking stuffer. or if i was in the position to buy stock, this would be one i'd consider. linda rodin gave me a free sample of this baby ages ago when i was working here(click enter, the site is NOT under construction). linda herself has enviable skin, stunning silver tresses, and a boatload of charm. her product, olio lusso is a delicious-smelling, miracle in a bottle. i think other fancy creams should watch their backs...yeah, creme de la mer, i'm talking to you ;)

*although i must give a big ole shout out to embryolisse, a relatively reasonably-priced french moisturizer. it's one i can't live without and it also smells heavenly. i'd give up coffee AND wine for a week just to afford it!


arlene said...

WOW...this stuff sounds amazing! Look forward to trying!

Marinka said...

It looks nice, I think I would want to try it! ^^

M. said...

Thank you for the tip!I really want to to a beauty store and try it on!What were the results on you?

First time on your blog!its so refreshing!Different!I will be back for sure!A lot!

If ever your path takes you near my bloghouse come in for a cup of tea!


"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

M: oh it is amazing. i swear the only thing that holds me back from buying it on the regular is the price( i am of modest means). it is an oil, so keep that in mind. but it melts into the skin quickly without being greasy. and the smell is divine, like faint faint jasmine!

Anonymous said...

Linda Rodin is so gorgeous. I remember when I first saw her in Domino's "10 Things That Make Me Happy" column. I was in total awe of how gorgeous and stylish she is.

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