Friday, November 19, 2010

girl crush: ali macgraw

ali macgraw

ali macgraw 2

{all photos found via google images}

this post goes out to amy merrick, who is currently on european vacation. she really introduced me to the film love story, and i am very grateful for that! i happened to find a paperback copy at one of my local haunts(thrift stores) and am just awed by ali macgraw. what a fox, huh? did anyone catch the reunion of ali and ryan o'neal on oprah? i have only seen clips online and am kicking myself for missing it.

back to ali. things she has aced: strong brows, 70s preppy style, smart-mouthed humor, and righteously sleek tresses. if you haven't seen love story, i highly recommend watching it(with a box of tissues). it's a perfect fall/winter film with excellent collegiate style. take ivy, take that!


Anonymous said...

she is so lovely!

Emerson Merrick said...

Sigh, my one true love!

Margaret said...

shes unreal !

Natalie said...

She is gorgeous and has aged so well. Ryan O'Neil isn't too shabby, either. xo

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