Sunday, June 22, 2008

find your heart's content...22 june 2008 gratitudes

1. had a day of wonder with the lovely corrie pellerin.

2. began the day with breakfast in the lower east side at teany. had fruit, yogurt, and granola and a teanychino, followed by a strong cup of black coffee.

3. went on a wild goose chase to find the children's store, maki, in soho. it was closed but we stopped in other children's stores to feel young at heart. there is nothing more special than seeing giggly children. if i could bottle a baby's laugh i would, and make a fortune. i think these kind of stores are my version of a happy place.

4. admired the yummy fabrics and yarns at purl soho and purl patchwork. i was smitten with the clothesline of tiny mohair baby booties. if i could knit, i would recreate this and hang it in my room, across my bedroom window.

5. stopped in washington square park to eat pinkberry and revisit where eddie proposed. i haven't been to the spot since he asked me to marry him. i love that this place will be around forever and we will be able to show our children one day.

6. introduced corrie to the red balloon. its so much fun to share sweet things with this girl. she and i both have hearts of children and are doing our best to fight the jadedness that comes with growing up. i never want to become a cynic. ever.

7. felt young and happy, finding magic at every turn in this city. i love having days off to recharge. i think i will be much lovelier at work tomorrow...fingers crossed.


Amy Elizabeth said...

bless your heart, it's comforting to know that you haven't turned into a cynic since i've been away.

onesilentwinter said...

lovely photo's

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