Monday, June 16, 2008

j'mappelle l'amour...6.16.08 gratitudes

1. just spent a short but very sweet weekend with my man. he had to hang out with me at work while i was tired and cranky but seeing him if only for a second is worth the circumstances. i love him with all my heart.

he makes me want to be a better person.

2. came home to find a darling postcard from one of the loveliest girls i know, meagan bennett. it is by the company bird and banner and it is adorable. made me smile so big!

3. came home to find a t shirt that haynes riley saw and thought of me. its a little cheesy, but hey, so am i. i think i might get it, because after all, i do love love. i love it for me, i love it for you, i love it for everyone.

4. i found some darling new blogs that make my day a whole lot better...

enhance the everyday

and her book that i am dying to buy, my heart wanders

my polaroid blog

and, a quickly beloved...scout holiday...i'm both obsessed and weirded out that this girl and i have so much in common. i think i would freak out if i met her.

please go look at these lovely ladies blogs and prepare to swoon and fall in love. i think they are magical...

5. i bought several new cute bras. marc jacobs is having a 70% off sale right now and the Spring 07 collection bras are ridiculously cheap and all sorts of 1930s glamorous. he made them out of silk charmeuse and crepe de chine and i bought like 5 pairs. i wish i had nabbed the darling heart is somewhere being worn by some mystery woman.

i wish i had original photos, but none today. i have been a little tired lately and a little lazy with shutterbugging. but i just ordered a polaroid sx 70 camera so i will play around with it as soon as it arrives in my little hands. and i really do have little hands, surprisingly small considering my stature.

1 comment:

chelsea rose said...

oh my god, i love love love "my heart wanders." can we be her friend?

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