Thursday, June 19, 2008

i will collect them all for you in butterfly jars...19 june 2008 gratitudes

1. oh i wish i had brought my camera last night! christine cho knows how to make people dance dance dance. it has been a long time since i have put on my dancing shoes and everyone knows how i love when we all get together and shimmy the night away. i wish she would dj every night that i go out dancing.

2. after watching the red balloon, i began thinking about my favorite short films and i immediately thought of amanda finn. she is a film maker from scad whose films remind me of beautiful collages and watercolor paintings. her work has this really dreamy and lovely languid quality about it and i wish i had a dvd of her films. the first time i saw them i was in the local coffee shop in savannah, dripping sweat, craning my neck to and fro trying to catch every last second. her work is so beautiful, it hurts to look at it.

3. emily searle is a really talented photographer who i had the honor of knowing at scad. she and amanda finn work and play and live together in brooklyn. she has a really spot on eye for arranging spaces and i love the way she photographs girls. she took a photo of me in my old apartment in savannah and it makes me laugh because it is a pretty accurate portrayal of how i live. random piles of inspiration, clutter, and clothes. like a little girl who never learned how to live like an adult. oh well.

4. mollie little. my very talented(and very little!) room mate. she is an illustrator who moved to new york on a whim(how romantic) and is making her dreams come true. she has worked three jobs at a time and still, i would come home to find her in our sweaty apartment, in a delicate slip, lost in her world of sketches. that to me is amazing. she is committed to her craft and she believes in magical keeps working for her everytime. i love a believer.

5. halligan norris is one of my favorite jewelry designers. i wear so much bling on my neck, but of all the layers of bits and baubles, without fail, her tee tiny little gold elephant catches every girl's eye. i want her to be carried in stores like catbird and greenwich letterpress and other darling stores.
she has a cult following and i am trying to sweet talk her into peddling her wares from philly to nyc.

i really do love collecting kind, humble, talented girls and forcing them to be my friends. i have a not-so-secret wish to form a menagerie of amazing women who i know will be chapters in art history books in years to come. i can't wait to see what lies ahead...


chelsea said...

I love Emily's work!

katrina said...

i love your blog :) i hope you do not mind if i link you in mine!

Gala said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I adore your blog. I think I found it through Rita Konig's column in Domino! xx

nice-etc said...

i recently found your blog..maybe just a couple months ago if that..i am loving it so much!

i loved the red balloon when i was small you know that a new film was made that is sort of a spin off/reference to it. it's called the voyage of the red balloon. i haven't seen it yet so i'm not sure how it measures up. also i wanted to ask if you've ever seen the short film from 1956, the little fugitive. that is also an all time favorite of mine. it's so cute and so just nice. i love little films with simple stories that let you lose yourself in them. i think you would like it very much!
it's funny, i see my friend katrina has commented on this post as well! i must add you to my links also!
<3 <3 <3 -caitlin

nice-etc said...

also emily's photos are really wonderful! ..i've seen halligan norris' work on some blogs and instantly fell in love..i'm off to check out the rest of these ladies..

hayliebird said...

the photo of you captures ginny b. back in the day (aka SCAD style) soooo well! Look at that room. I love it. I miss that old kitten den:(

Kate said...

Beautiful Ms. Branch. I stalk you periodically here and on facebook and I do wish we were better friends. Can we be?

Thought you might like to know you were recently featured on {frolic}:

Keep on being lovely.

Pixie July said...

I love this blog - just stumbled upon it through Shadows Bring the Starlight and every inch of it is gorgeous!

chelsea rose said...

haha...didn't realize you collected girls that you think will be in art history books--it'll be called the Branch Movement of the early 21st century.

little gypsy. said...

i think that, in some instances, a mess can be art. your old room looks like an explosion of inspiration and life. i am cursed with the tidy gene. i love it when i accumulate a little pile of creativity. i'm quite amazed by it actually. so, embrace yours!
i love your blog.

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