Wednesday, June 18, 2008

as a child i knew that the stars would only get brighter...more gratitudes

1. watched le ballon rouge, thank you adrian! it is such a dear movie and i haven't seen it since i was a little girl. i remember crying so hard when the mean boys kill the balloon. but i forgot how all of the balloons come to him and carry him away at the end!!!!!!! it made me so happy to see the ending. it's such a perfect and beautiful turn of events. i love when hope is found when all is lost.

2. finally tracked down kidswear magazine after hearing rave reviews from aude, the designer for little marc. this magazine and milk magazine are some of my favorite children magazines. so progressive and so refreshing. i wish american children magazines would follow suit and take a more sophisticated design direction.

3. discovered bing bing bing blog. so so so good. i just want to watch children in europe. sounds like a dream.

4. tacked up the portrait created by 5 year old lola. i love how she interpreted my braid and my necklaces. she even wrote i love love. doesn't it look just like me?

5. sketched some new illustrations and played with crayons...will post later. it feels so good to draw.


Anthonia said...

I was looking at your portrait and it made me think of something I read in my high school psychology class: that when children draw people, they make the faces larger than the bodies because that's what their minds focus on... or something like that. That thought, like your blog, made me smile.

Amy Nieto said...

Red Balloon was the film that made want to become a filmmaker.

HAvent seen it in years.

curious girl (lisa) said...

I am now on a mission to find and see that film. It looks yummy. thanks for sharing. beautiful blog!

Ashley L. said...

i have randomly come across your blog and now... I'M IN LOVE! it is simply beautiful. i will be back for sure! i'm adding you to my blog roll! please stop by mine sometime! you will be a new source of inspiration for sure! :)

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