Friday, June 20, 2008

the happiest day of the year...20 june 2008 gratitudes

1. today is the first day of summer, normally my least favorite season( because i hate the heat) but i think this one will be exciting. i can feel a change in the air. apparently today is the happiest day of the year. hopes are high and winter is but a distant memory.

2. snatched some more marc jacobs bras. i have a sincere problem, i can't stop. my "unmentionables" drawer is bursting with the prettiest bras in my colors: grey, black, nude, pink, dusty rose, and mauve. the bras ran really small this season, and lucky for me i have a most modestly sized chest!

3. the new steiff keychains came in to little marc today. i couldn't resist but buy a bunch for presents for friends and laboring over who got which one. my darling friend, haylie bird waring believes in identifying your "spirit animal". i'm a hedgehog. you know, because i'm nurturing...

4. listening to my summer playlists. au revoir simone is on heavy rotation. they are the cutest, most enchanting band i have ever seen. i am smitten with these girls. i had the pleasure of meeting them at a fashion show and i nearly fainted. as sweet and lovely as their songs.

5. went to a poetry slam at bowery poetry club to support the talented jaime lewis aka "rip" and his group "writers block". i felt like i was in a scene of some 60s film. the women were amazing. a stylistic range from headwraps and layers of chunky beads to highwaisted denim shorts and paper-thin, slouchy knits. and before the spoken word began, the d.j. cut a mean list of fun songs for all to dance to. i love to dance.

6. saw corrie at the store. she is going to be working just around the corner from me and i can't believe it! all of my dear friends work within a few blocks of me. its magical. new york is such a big city and yet we all have pooled together in the west village. makes my heart feel so full!

7. the sweet waitress from the spotted pig, anna, came buy the store. she is so positive and encouraging about the headbands pete, chelsea, and i are working on. she was speaking french to her stylist friend, anouck, and i could have listened to them all day. anouck pledged her love of bows to me, and i knew we would be friends. its funny how a detail can bring people together.

8. saw kusum lynn at the store. she, aya kanai, and nicky cohen have left an indelible mark in my memory. these were the main stylists/fashion editors at nylon when i had my first internship. these women were iconic to me and still are. she currently freelances and styles for lula magazine. heavy sigh.

9. got a sweet care package from my pete cooney. a custom made alice-in-wonderland stamp, an alice notebook, and a mauve ink pad. so thoughtful. the cover of the notebook has the quote, "why, sometimes i've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast". so true it's eerie. i'm a constant dreamer.

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