Wednesday, June 18, 2008

smiles are free and love never fails...18 june 2008 gratitudes

1. walked through the farmers market with chelsea. the farmers market is like an urban fairy tale. i saw bees encased in glass; magnificent clustered flowers that looked like mome raths from alice-in-wonderland. i kept waiting for them to rearrange themselves and form arrows to guide me home. i saw green eggs and ham; strawberries staining their cartons; and all sorts of magic.

2. saw an earnest man, diligently re-painting the wrought iron fence in front of the store. his splattered drop cloth looked just like a pollock painting. i wanted to distract him and steal the cloth from underneath him. but that wouldn't be very kind at all...

3. a homeless man pan-handling with his fancy arts-and-craft cardboard flip sign complete with glitter! how could you not want to give him money, after all the extra shine he added to his sign? even in new york, the homeless make an effort to go above and beyond to stand out. and he sure did.

4. frances's bow attire. i love me a good bow and she has been wearing amy merrick's hair bow almost every day. gosh how we miss that girl!

5. snap peas and impatiens for an afternoon snack.

6. emmerged from the stock room to see beautiful daisies from my sweet man sent to my store. he is so thoughtful and i just wanted to cry. he knows how to cheer me up when i've hit a rough patch. he is too good. i'm so in love with him. truly, madly, deeply.

7. the puppy pile up at a pet shop on christopher st. i love french bulldog puppies, especially when they are huddled up together for a nap. i wanted to scoop all four up and hold them to my heart.

8. kristen's sweet love tattoo. its perfect.

9. i got to leave work early and it was amazing. i brought john gardner cupcakes and he made me laugh. i love walking around new york and being able to leave work at work. in school i always had to worry about homework and design projects. now i can just appreciate being young and an artist in new york.

i'm going dancing tonight at dark room, i hope to see all smiles all night long.

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