Saturday, June 21, 2008

summertime, when the living is easy...21 june 2008 gratitudes

1. today is my first full day of rest in some time. and i don't work tomorrow either. it feels like when school is out for summer. that first night; where there is no impending homework looming over your head, and you can just play by your own rules. i love this feeling.

2. found some old "g" letterpresses at a stamp shop. i wanted to find a classic lowercase g that resembles how i draw mine...but that will be for another day.

3. unearthed a wall hanging at a flea market that looks like an indian crazy quilt. it is massive and completely hand-beaded, hand-sequined, hand-pieced, and hand-stitched. this massive piece is completely untouched by machine. i wish i could photograph the whole cloth in a way that does it justice. its beautiful. my favorite colors coupled with my favorite techniques and oh so shiny.

4. flipped through my magazines to find good poses for illustration inspiration. i am completely obsessed with lara stone, the gap-toothed chanteuse who never seems to be wearing clothes. i'm also rekindling my love affair with bruce webber and his naughty photography. his new spread in w magazine is pretty spectacular. and i included some swipes from french playboy to prove that it is not just another smutty men's magazine.

5. had breakfast with vaughn vance at cafe cluny. he is such a good boy and i loved watching all the girls(and boys) at the restaurant turn their heads as he walked past. what's even better is he's so humble that he doesn't even notice.

6. about to go and attempt to tackle the danger zone that is my bedroom. i wish i was a tidier girl...but i guess i'm just too much of a free spirit... yes...that's my excuse. whenever i meet artists that are clean, neat, and organized i am in complete and utter awe. illustrator and muse, alyson fox, apparently keeps a tidy workspace and i envy her. how does she do it? i need tips.

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