Wednesday, June 18, 2008

think happy thoughts...17 june 2008 gratitudes

1. my new LL Bean shirt came in the mail. never would have thought to check there if it wasn't for the lovely amy merrick it really is the perfect french sailor girl shirt and so dirt cheap!

2. the new french playboy finally arrived! i've been harassing the local west village news stand men for this magazine. it really is beautiful and NOTHING like american playboy. the spreads look like high fashion and it is sincerely tastefully done. and no, i don't read it for the articles. although i wish i could read all the french! girls always look at me with such offense until i flip through it with them and make them believers. its perfect for fashion illustration references.

3. went to freeman's for dinner with corrie pellerin. i have not been able to spend time with this dear friend of mine because i've really only seen the better part of my store and apartment this past month. lots of long hours and i felt like treating us to dinner to de-stress. it was amazing as always. i ran into two clients and the model-esque waitress who i used to see at the juice bar in the east village. she's bought her own juicer now and apparently it has changed her life. i need to invest in a juicer.

4. had a long phone conversation with john gardner and lots of long talks with chelsea, corrie, pete, ed, and my mother. really, my friends and family are what carry me through stressful times. i am so lucky to have such goodness in my life. when everything else seems to be going not-so-great, these people continue to cheer me up. i really am one lucky lady. good things are around the corner...thinking good thoughts...

5. i'm going to start working out today and making it a commitment again. having a healthy balanced lifestyle makes everything else run smoother. and working out is the best mood lifter for me. so here i go again...

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