Friday, June 6, 2008

glitter in her eyes...june gratitudes

1. pink balloons for a very darling one year old girl, ara lopez. this sweet pea always brightens my day when she entertains me with an (almost) toothy grin. i have never seen such a smiley baby in my whole life! and i see very good things in her future...she comes from pretty amazing stock.

2. everywhere i turn, someone in new york seems to be campaigning for love. i felt i should remind a certain boy in georgia how i feel, since he is so far away and working so very hard. it may not be carved in a tree, but chalk on a wall in a public new york city garden is the next best thing.

3. i decided to glitter a forgotten pair of sunglasses. i just bought my first fancy-ish pair of sunglasses so i thought i would repurpose my former thrift store standbys. although my craftsmanship is poor and by no means professional, it makes me laugh. my mother would always encourage me to think through my creative process before executing it. but i like to fly by the seat of my pants. case in point.

4. i am finally showing some of my sketchbook works in progress on here. i just like to draw funny pictures of sweet girls. thats the extent of it. i don't like to talk about my work because i feel shy and silly. but there is no micron pen and piece of paper i wouldn't love to meet...

5. my big sister, amy, has been in town. although we are very different in certain ways, there is no denying we are, indeed, cut from the same cloth. we started out as just sisters with the same noses, but i'm so happy to say she has become a dear friend. we take our coffee black and our cupcakes vanilla. but she has learned to curb her sweet tooth better than i.


Missa said...

Hi. I discovered your blog through frolic awhile back and just wanted to tell you that I enjoy it so much! The photos and accompanying gratitude lists are just about the sweetest most charming things I've ever seen and I look forward to and find so much inspiration in them :)

The headbands in the previous post are glorious and I am in love with your sketches! Also, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my obscene love for and indulgence in sweets of the baked variety ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Amy Elizabeth said...

Cute girls with frying pans and eggs?! sign me up.

hayliebird said...

hey sweet girl! i love this post. you are a sweet treat!! i've been meaning to tell you about this yummy fashion illustrator & her blog- you probably know it already b/c you know everything cool in this world, but its
just in case i found something good before you!!
miss you.

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