Thursday, June 12, 2008

sunshine and babies...6.12.08 gratitudes

1. have mercy, the earth has finally started to cool off a few degrees. i sincerely hate the heat. i'm just a lily white flower that simply wilts in the heat. true, i'm from the south, but we have luxuries like central a/c... everywhere. and you don't have to be exposed to the heat for but a minute. no one lollygags outside, especially not to and from work!

2. finally purchasing a window fan. saving my life right now. it ain't pretty but it keeps me happy as a clam.

3. passing by the neighborhood "street fair" organized by the local schoolhouse. crayola colored balloons trimming the fences like garlands. i love a good balloon, especially clusters of them on string.

4. when the west village families bring their children in the store and they try on the fancy merchandise. makes my day. i love seeing little girls play dress up. hands down my favorite pastime as a little girl. beats out playing with dolls and trying to kiss the boys. well...maybe my second favorite pastime...

5. my coworker, kristin's sweet playlist...soul 4 real, ready for the world, outkast. i want to thank her ex-boyfriend for making her such a fine mixed cd for our enjoyment.

6. making kristin a believer about my magical thoughts that help make dreams come true. i swear, i always tell people to ask me to visualize good things happening to them. i'll have them start small, with something realistic but somewhat far fetched and i'll focus on it coming true for them. works every time. without fail. i'm all for taking requests...i really want to be like oprah and help make everyone's wildest dreams come true.

7. having my first glass of red wine. i really don't like the taste of alcohol, at all, but i felt kind of fancy! and it definitly helped me relax after work. i think i'd still rather eat a pint of ice cream or a box of cupcakes, but a kind client brought a bottle of his own to share with our store. incredibly generous and a nice end to a long day.

8. yesterday was the love of my life's birthday. he's 25 and keeps getting more handsome, kinder, and smarter as the years pass. they broke the mold when they made him. every person who knows this man says the same thing. i have never met a more beloved boy. he's too good. i'm so glad he was born.

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katebreakingnews said...

Do tell more about your magical thought method!

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