Monday, June 23, 2008

gratitude is the memory of the heart...23 june 2008

once upon a time i had the idea of sweet talking my coworkers into writing down 5 things daily that they were thankful for. when all the commotion had slowed down to a murmur( usually between 8 and 10 pm), i would march around to the different sections of my store, armed with post-its and ballpoint pens. many grumbled, most were compliant, and some even seemed tickled. it was by far the happiest moment of my day. one-by-one, they would return to me with their gratitudes. i stapled the colored notes onto the letterhead stationary and would review the pages like a child reading a bedtime story. and during my time at this store, i collected tomes of thanks.

i miss these moments. i think i shall try and start it up again.

if anyone wants to send me post-its with their daily gratitudes, i guarantee it would brighten both of our days...just a thought...


chelsea said...

Ooh. I'll scan one and send it. Lovely idea!

cara. said...

here's my version of a post it.
1. unconditional love
2. the internets
3. fabric stores
4. chickens & their eggs
5. tubes of paint.

love your blog. nothing more beautiful than a thankful spirit.

Joetta said...

just found your blog through your link to mine. Thanks for the link and I love these images and this idea...I look forward to checking in with you here regularly...

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

oh this is so nice! please keep this coming...

rean said...

things i am thankful for today:
* stumbling upon your blog
* free time
* having all my senses
* yoghurt pops
* sun peeking from clouds
* lj comments (visit me?
* having someone love you back

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