Tuesday, February 22, 2011

wild doll hairs...

wild doll hairs

this is about how i'd mix up my hair routine if i had long hair. i also wish more brides would go for wild, disheveled hairstyles instead of the traditional 'dos. i'm definitely earmarking these for hairspiration for my wedding/bridal shoots. i also can not get enough of this toeheaded bouffant gal below...

{via wolfeyebrows}

blue valentines...

blue valentines
{via the sartorialist and hanneli}

the girl on the left took my breath away with her color story. wow. and alexa could make a potato sack look charming, and i do love her blue furry coat.

side note, has anyone seen blue valentine yet? i need reviews!

eat more fruit and veggies...

farmer's market

one of my resolutions has been to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to really load up my diet with fruits and veggies. kind of a ho-hum, clich├ęd resolution, but it's been extremely beneficial. with married life came a whole departure of any(and all) healthful eating habits. i have become addicted to my dekalb farmer's market. what a difference it makes to find an emporium of gorgeous produce(and CHEAP to boot). i get all googly-eyed when i snag a bunch of rainbow-colored carrots or when i walk past those seafoam cartons of fat, juicy strawberries. rows of every kind of citrus fruit under the sun, people!

anyway, boring post but i'm just grateful to have found my goldmine of sustenance. also, my friend lesley has an awesome blog where she dispenses sound nutritional advice(and makes it look cute). i've also been trolling whole living for simple and yummy recipes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

soft hues...

erin fetherston

i just picked up this real simple because the cover is so soft and lovely. i also am digging erin fetherston's new collection and her model's platinum braided crown.

did my heart love til now?

romeo and juliet clutch

for i ne'er saw true beauty til... til right now. darn you kate spade. darn you. i saw this and my jaw dropped to the floor. this is one of those things where i wonder how i have been living my life without it! anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with all things romeo and juliet.

we like we love...

we like we love

a big thank you to alyssa at online magazine, we like we love, for interviewing me for their february issue. for a master list of all sorts of things i love, pop on over here! it's a darling magazine and i am looking forward to all the upcoming issues!

Monday, February 14, 2011



gasp. swoon. can't breathe. beholden just debuted their beautiful site hopelessly devoted to all things bridal. total and utter love at first site. the gowns are so stunningly romantic and nostalgic and the entire site is just perfection. i would love love love to work for beholden in some capacity at some point in my life. it's just magic.

three years ago today...


i said yes. i have always been a valentine's day sap and i will ALWAYS be a valentine's day sap. this was one of the happiest days of my life and i'm so glad he's mine for keeps. i hope y'all put on your heart-shaped, rose-colored glasses today and sneak an extra piece of chocolate- all in the name of love, right? xoxo

Friday, February 11, 2011

marissa webb & jenna lyons...

dream team via j.crewing

i will probably post any and every behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of j.crew. and marissa webb and jenna lyons are simply stunning. i love their messy hair, bold lips, and big smiles. and their generous application of sequins.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

macon york...

can't get enough of your love

this darling print by macon york is the perfect dose of sweet~ charming and not overly twee~ and it's a perfect(and affordable) valentine's day gift. i had the pleasure of taking a calligraphy class with miss macon, a fellow georgia gal and all-around talented person. she just launched her etsy shoppe so start shopping!

seated woman with bent knee...

julianne moore
{via miss moss}

egon schiele's seated woman with bent knee is undeniably, unquestionably my all-time favorite piece of art. schiele changed my perspective on fashion illustration and rocked my world upside down. i'm not sure how i missed this exquisite harper's bazaar shoot with julianne moore and peter lindbergh, but dang. it is beautiful. for more pics, click here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love(ly) letters...

be mine

kate spade b mine campaign gets me every time. heart.

like the boys...

like the boys

one of each please! i told ed and i am buying a pair of bucks for myself this spring and these desert boot/bucks hybrid would be the icing on the cake. love borrowing from the boys.

artists j'adore: mary delany...

mary delany 2

mary delany

the work of mary delany is quite marvelous. she was a blue stocking, a fine gardener, and quite skilled in areas of handiwork such as needlepoint, drawing and painting. mary befriended several botanists which enhanced her curiosity and fascinations with flowers and plants. mary was a pioneer in the world of decoupage and often made "paper mosaiks" for ladies of the court out of collaged tissue paper.

i am completely fascinated with her attention-to-detail and am floored by her precision and execution. i am almost tempted to try my hand at this, but am a little daunted. i wish i could peek inside her studio and sketchbooks!

Monday, February 7, 2011

rose-colored heart glasses...

rose colored glasses

how adorable are these glasses? chloe sevigny, you and opening ceremony have done it again! i hope whoever snatches up a pair of these, wears them with pride! thank you abigail for sending me this link!

lovey dovey...

valentine's day

of course valentine's day gets me all jazzed, duh. i have been lingering a little longer on some of my favorite sites trying not to buy all their lovey dovey wares. here is a sampling of some sweet nothings that have been piquing my interest lately...

honestly i'd be super stoked to have a jar full of juliet roses and a refill of my favorite rose perfume for valentine's day. and maybe some delivery pizza and 30 rock on hulu...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

montgomery rag

my love for quilts runs pretty deep. in the 90s, the movie how to make an american quilt sparked my interest in quilts. later my love would be fueled after seeing the gees bend exhibit at the high with my fibers class. when grace posted this on design*sponge, my heart did a few cartwheels. AND the company, montgomery rag, is located in athens, GA my favorite town in this lovely state. pop on over to peep their wares, and get ready to fall in love. i could by everything on the site, easily!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what's in your toolbox: bri emery

bri emery

GIRL CRUSH ALERT! go read all about this blonde bombshell on my design*sponge column. she's one of my all-time favorite, favorites. fun facts~ bri was a child actress AND she grew up in atlanta...such a cool chick!

julianne moore for talbots...

julianne moore for talbots
{via here}

i am absolutely pleased with whoever is now at the helm of creative at talbots. their styling seems to have gotten a little jenna lyons touch to it, and i dig it. i've grown up associating talbots with a more mature crowd, so it is quite refreshing to see a more youthful life breathed into it. still classic, but much, much fresher. well done!

toulouse-lautrec at the high...


yesterday was a particularly gloomy day so i spent the latter half of the afternoon moseying up and down the toulouse-lautrec exhibit at the high museum. i haven't been to a museum in an age and it was time to recharge my soul. i've always been particularly fond of toulouse-lautrec. he inspired many collections when i was studying at SCAD. i adored his fascination with the dredges of society and all the parisian smutty debauchery during the fin-de-siecle. it was truly delightful to see his impressive posters in person. i was equally stunned by his sensitivity to color. he has this amazing ability to ever-so-slightly temper primary colors into a beautiful palette.

it was a beautiful afternoon, wandering through the rooms hearing only slight whispers and watching rain drops crowd the museum's windows. and i very, very nerdily took notes and sketches on my ipad. terribly uncool but it was so easy and effortless. anyway, if you live in atlanta i HIGHly reccomend going to see the exhibit.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


tugging on my heartstrings. this is just the sweetest sentiment. i think it would be a darling gift to give your loved one on either your 2nd anniversary(cotton) or thirteenth(lace). swoon. our second wedding anniversary is coming up this may...

big love...

big love

images via snaptorium

february is here! my favorite reason to be unabashedly lovey dovey. i'm already trying to think of an expensive and thoughtful handmade gift to give my husband. last year's was pretty successful, and he really does appreciate it when i make him presents.
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