Thursday, March 31, 2011

slow and steady wins the race...

slow and steady wins the race

when it comes to bags, i must admit, i'm pretty simple and utilitarian. i'm really hard on my satchels and totes and i don't want anything fussy or overly precious. my dear friend designs the line, slow and steady wins the race, an extremely clever line with collections broken down by different elements of a person's wardrobe. this was one of my first pieces of sswtr, and a trusty old friend by now. i've clean worn through it's handles, and it's starting to unravel, but i think it adds to the charm. i also wear this little number an awful lot, and it is my go-to for an easy lightweight carrier.

current obsession: jillian tamaki book covers...

embroidered books

this is some serious cover art by jillian tamaki. these three book covers were HAND-EMBROIDERED over the period of several months. holy smokes they are just wonderful. every time i see hand-embroidery i get weak in the knees. the dedication and steadfastness and craftsmanship of it all is awe-inspiring. love.

j.crew fall 2011...

j crew

marissa web for j.crew fall 2011. pretty cute, huh? i must admit i personally favor the eccentric little edie goes girl scouting styling of fall 2010, but this collection still maintains the same quirky color combinations and layering that i love. pared down and edited, but still bright and feminine. what do y'all think?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

bloom magazine...


attention all flower lovers...

anything li edelkoort creates is magic to me. bloom magazine, specifically, would whisper my name to me in new york newsstands. every time my heart would skip as i flipped through the inky pages and then the sadness would sink in when i caught a glimpse of the price tag. totally worth every penny, but a leetle bit too rich for my blood. now this magazine is archived online and i basically spent the entire sunday pinning images from the site. love love love and i'm sure you will too!

blame it on my wild heart...

FUTUREBIRDS - Via Flamina Teaser from DUKE STREET on Vimeo.

i just want to listen to this song all day long. just a bunch of georgia boys singing stevie nicks. yes please. if you're not familiar with the futurebirds, look them up. i promise, you won't regret it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

mildred pierce

breathlessly gorgeous trailer. i might have to get HBO so i can see jon raymond and todd haynes's adaptation of the 1945 classic mildred pierce. there are 66 costume changes for kate winslet- sixty-six?!!! i will be waiting with baited breath, and my snap-happy camera clicking away through all the scenes. gorgeous.

rustic american...

rustic american

rustic american 2
photos courtesy of randy harris for the NYT and the selby

the new york times has two great articles about american rustic style. this is hands-down, my favorite kind of interior styling and i have loved the home of kenyan and grace ever since i first saw their home spotlighted on the selby. and i love when kenyan(also a prop master) describes his affinity for antiques and vintage but says the bus stops at the 1950s. i can't get into those interiors either, for me and my home. i dig it for other people, but for me mid-century and beyond feels inauthentic and disingenuous if i tried to incorporate it into my home. although, i must admit my home would be a little more 1920s-30s flappery dressing room if i wasn't married to a man who doesn't want to live in shug avery's boudoir.

anyway early 20th century style rocks my socks off- dust, rust, and all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

true grit kind of spring...

true grit kind of spring

{cabbages and roses dress, cabbages and roses blouse, ebay chore jacket, minnetonka moccasin, a homemade life, miu miu pants, hamam towel, bass patent loafers, etsy basket purse, lily of the valley talc, beatrice booties, stetson hat, banded collar shirt}

my husband is a huuuuuuuuuge jeff bridges fan, bordering on man crush territory, so of course we went to see true grit when it came to theaters. the movie was fantastic and i wish i could have jumped into the prop and wardrobe rooms of this film. wow. so good. western workwear at its finest. dusty, faded, worn perfection. i kind of want to bite this style a little(ok a lot) this spring, and here are a few items on my wishlist.

*the book isn't on my wishlist. i'm reading it now and can't put it down. miss molly's book and blog touch my heart. have you read this? it's divine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bookmark: great food covers

foodie books 2

foodie books

grace just posted the newest book cover geniusness from the oh-so-talented coralie bickford- smith and i had to repost over here. if you fell in love with her cloth-bound interpretations of the literature greats, then you will definitely swoon over her newest series! the books all represent various decorative ceramic styles from the time period they were written. i don't just want, but i NEED to have the entire series. i have been devouring(no pun intended) all sorts of foodie books, and these are so just so spectacularly beautiful! here are two other places to read more about the series.

Monday, March 21, 2011

atlanta weddings spring 2011...

pink palace 1

pink palace 6

pink palace 2

pink palace 3

pink palace 4

pink palace 5

pink palace 7

style me pretty just posted some highlights from my shoot for atlanta weddings magazine!we made the cover again, which surprised and delighted me! any time i get the opportunity with jeremy harwell, mara z, and amy osaba, i'm one happy camper. AND i got to meet a lot of new talented vendors whose work i had been admiring forever!

Wedding Photography: Harwell Photography

Styling: me

Wedding Flowers: Amy Osaba

Hair & Makeup: MaraZ

Wedding Stationary: MM Ink

Ring Bearer Bowls: Paloma’s Nest

Hair Accessories: Nicholas Kniel

Venue: Pink Palace

how does your garden grow?





{ hand tools, 2. l'occitane hand cream, 3. seed collection, 4. shitake mushroom log, 5. weck canning jars, 6. harvest basket, 7. galvanized watering can}

via internet archive

are you familiar with the mary frances book series? since today is the first day of spring i wanted to share some images from the adventures among the garden people... and include some of my favorite garden accessories. i'm hoping to spend more and more of my days digging in the dirt, provided my back hurries up and decides it wants to heal!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

humble fieldguides...

humble fieldguides
photo italian vogue 2008 via 42nd and orange

i have a new love in my life... love is love farm, that is. i started volunteering a few weeks ago and am learning so, so many new and wonderful things about organic farming, food, and the innerworkings of nature. unfortunately i maybe, might have overestimated my body and sprained a ligament in my back... overzealous hoeing, perhaps? this last week i have been laid up on the sofa, completely useless, devouring any and all books on organic farming, biodynamics, primitive skills, and slow food culture. this coupled with some chiropractic sessions have been my roadmap to recovery(aaaand some solid modern medicine). here are a few samples of readings that i have been enjoying thoroughly, and i would love suggestions if y'all have any!

*the foxfire series: appalachian survival skills at its finest! takes place not too far away from my childhood lakehouse. here is amy's glimpse into their world and i'm sure it will catch you hook, line, and sinker.

*in defense of food: michael pollan certainly makes a convincing case for a plant-based diet. holy smokes. everyone has been teasing me for all of the "vegetarian propaganda" i've been immersing myself in, but i find it fascinating and can't believe it took me this long to read some of his work.

*the dirty life: the story of a writer in new york city who falls in love with a farmer and rebuilds a new life with him on a fledgling piece of land upstate.
*the last american man: eustace conway. read about him. no words i can write could describe him fairly, so research this man. he is truly a marvel to behold.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

to die for...

diecuts 2

die cuts

i love sheaff's collection of ephemera. whenever i need a pick-me-up i visit this site and it seems to do the trick. i will never tire of this style of artistic printing and i hope my future business cards can be as charming as these!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


these are my favorite warm weather shoes and i'm so thrilled madewell is stocking up! in an ideal world, i would have 5 classic laced pairs in white that i would just rotate through all season long. i love that these are the french-y equivalent to america's converse. i've actually never owned a single pair of chuck taylors... not even in art school-ha! something about these are just right.

*also, madewell is featuring a cheeky q&a with alexa...

*p.s i cannot, however, get down with the birkenstocks that madewell is peddling. nuh uh, no way. what's next, tevas????


duskin ny
well, here's a delicious spring 2011 collection that caught my attention. of course it doesn't hurt that the muse featured is none other than my current girl crush, marina muñoz. the clothing is so effortless and easy. in my, ahem, older age i gravitate towards pieces that i can throw on and don't have to fuss with.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

in dreams...

flower reflection

last night i had the most wonderful dream that i can't shake. i was selling cut flowers out of the most adorable vintage silver airstream trailer. everything was mapped out so much that i can't believe it was all a dream! it seemed so real. i was so happy. sam cooke was playing and i definitely had a sunburnt nose and lots of freckles. zinc and enamel buckets were spilling out in the front and there was a chalkboard menu of flower specials. there was an old factory trolley with different vases and containers for people to choose from. it was so nice. i think my recent visit to this secret garden is officially haunting my dreams. in the best way. sigh.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

girl crush: marina muñoz

marina munoz 1


this girl has more style in her little leather string that holds her braid together, then i could ever hope to posses! marina has been popping up all over the place and she is just stunning. i adore how she can wear true blue menswear with abandon and still look utterly feminine. AND THOSE EYEBROWS, i wish i could cut and paste them onto my face! i also appreciate her style philosophies and her makeup tips.

whole-istic living...

lucile prache 1

lucile prache 2

lucile prache drawings found via {frolic!}

i feel like i've been mighty neglectful around these here parts lately. well... truthfully, i'm not home as much as i used to. over the years i wildly abandoned any shred of a healthy lifestyle and now, in the words of lesley graham, i am rebuilding my temple. i normally don't like to discuss health and nutrition because i find it to be an incredibly sensitive topic. i just feel like i should 'splain why i've been a little absent and it's because i've turned my focus toward restoring a healthy lifestyle. i promise i won't turn this into a soapbox for diets and fitness or anything preachy and crazy! working on balancing all aspects of my life, so i promise i'll be more present :) thanks for listening to me explain myself.
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copyrights. credits. recognition...

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