Saturday, February 28, 2009

"believe those stars that fill the skies are in my eyes"...

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today i am grateful for...

1. making chiffon pom poms, frayed fabric flowers, yo yo quilt pieces, and one big ole' fat sequin bow, til 4 in the morning with chelsea and pete. while eddie made us coffee. and rubbed my back. and snuck in some smooches when no one was looking.

2. new projects with the darling anouck. who very generously overlooks my elusiveness. which is a polite way of saying that i'm most terrible about answering my phone. and checking voicemails. and deleting my inbox. sigh. it's a wonder i am able to function in this day and age.

p.s all of these photos of hers. we just supplied the bows.

3. eating orange blossom waffles with whipped cream and drinking coffee on one of new york's teaser of a spring day. have you ever been to cafe gitane? it is so charming and soooo inexpensive. the waitresses wear cute shift dress uniforms and are shamelessly pretty.

4. ( not grateful for) but with heavy heart, must mention saying goodbye to kime buzzelli's showpony. a store so magical and glittery and bright. i always thought i would go to this store and serendipitously run into sarah sophie flicker, karen elson, maximilla lukacs, and ellen von unwerth. and the girls of au revoire simone. and the vivian girls. and maybe a schiele female nude. sigh. she housed all the spritely young things that drawings are made of. thank you for making magic happen.

5. eating a mac n' cheese(and french fries) dinner with amy merrick-who can now be found at moon river chattel. on the weekends. we talked antiques and etsy and boys and weddings and flapper dresses and mast brothers chocolate. we're thinking about taking chocolate classes with the brooklyn brothers... mmmmm, yes...

p.s anyone who can tell me where i can buy a star-gazer globe, that projects tee-tiny dots of shine across a room, when you turn off the lights...will officially be my newest hero. i want to recreate this scene... and glow-in-the-dark stars stuck on the ceiling just won't do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

you know you're in love when your reality is better than your dreams...25 february 2009

( credits: the unicorn diaries: flickr: weheartit; loveology; various blogs i've been frequenting...)

quote by dr. seuss

1. woke up around noon to kisses from eddie and an inbox full of funny photos of fat animals from chelsea cook.

2. showed eddie a stack of his old love letters, notes, and movie stubs circa 1999-present, to me that i unearthed in a fit of insomnia.

3. enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast at clinton street baking company with petey-pie and eddie(my two favorite boys).

4. received an email from an old boss at my former interning days at nylon magazine. it was so short and thoughtful and perfect. it made me smile from ear to ear. she was someone who i admired greatly and it made me adore her even more.

5. saw that the new lula magazine (issue number 8) is out in newstands. somewhere. it is the most magical and ethereal and elusive little magazine. i am using the secret to ensure this magazine rises above the economic fall of the editorial world. after domino, my heart can only take so much...

6. finished stamping the kraft paper on my save-the-dates!they definitely have a very, ahem, hand-crafted quality to them.

7. collected inspiration for my next series of illustrations. and color-coded my crayons. crayons, watercolor, and embroidery floss. give me some old book pages or kraft paper and i'm set. it feels really good to draw again.

8. went to see jason isbell with my sweet eddie at the living room...and ran into jack wetherall, aka, uncle vic from queer as folk. i freaked out on him and told him how much i loved his character. he was really kind and gracious...but i think i was way too overzealous. classic ginny branch meets a celebrity move.

*so my camera is on the fritz and until i get my tax return back, i will be sharing all of the yumminess i find on my internet marathons. and i will get better about tagging and crediting all of the talent i find. promise!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"i cannot go to school today"...

oh dear. it is that time of the year. sniffle. cough. achoo. i have a nagging fever that keeps from sleeping when i should. watery eyes and a runny nose. i feel so pretty.

but if i had a cozy little english tea tray with tissues. or an angora bunny. or my own kissing booth business(hmmmm...) then i think i would be much more chipper. but hey, i have my cute boy asleep next to me. and a new tube of lipgloss.

and eddie and i decided on a song for our "first dance". yay.

Friday, February 13, 2009

i love love...pre-valentines day gratitudes

while eddie is off seeing deertick at the bowery ballroom and i am at home watching a little princess with pete; i am counting down the minutes 'til it has been one year since we have been engaged. i can't believe it has been a year. here are my favorite things about being in love and reunited with eddie.

1. how we nudge each other awake in the morning to work on our fitness. i am normally hard-pressed to awake from my slumber, let alone before 10 am! now i try and embrace the mornings to squeeze in some exercise with a boy who looks awfully cute in running shorts and a baseball cap.

2. how we text message sweet sentiments throughout the day. me at work, he at class.

3. how on days when he doesn't have class, he walks me to work. even though it is bitterly cold outside and we don't have time to eat breakfast before.

4. how he will wash the dishes, when i "attempt" to cook. luckily, he is easy to please and praises my 10-minute broiled chicken and steamed asparagus. it's very dear, when i am certainly no whiz in the kitchen.

5. how he will surprise me with daisies when he picks me up from work, or bring me magnolia cupcakes(along with my cell phone that i absent-mindedly left on the bed).

6. how at night, he watches the news and reads books on the economy. all while i'm watching rupaul's drag race show(on my computer) or reading miss piggle wiggle's magic. while we share a bottle of wine.

7. how when i'm really tired or upset, he offers to take me to spitzers to eat mac n' cheese. or go around the corner to get peanut butter pie. or just hold me while i cry. or listen to me rant and rave.

8. how he tells me i look beautiful. even when i am embarrassingly out-of-shape. even when i am wearing a crazy outfit. even when i have the worst haircut and hair color that i've ever had. even when i am forced to wear my dorky glasses because i have an eye infection or i've run out of contacts. even when i'm red-faced and sweaty in the middle of summer. he always makes me feel pretty.

9. how he doesn't mind that i'm somewhere between a 5 year old little girl and an 80-year old woman at heart.

10. how he sweetly humors my little collection of stuffed animals and dolls that shares the bed with us. in fact, the fact that he humors all of my collections. i am a collector. of just about everything under the sun. and he only minor-ly hems and haws over the fact that i have 4 tea pots. 2 tea kettles. 6 sewing machines. 3 sets of measuring cups. multiple sets of wooden spoons and rolling pins. metal spatulas, slotted spoons, ladles, can openers, measuring spoons, and cork screws.

and more pyrex serving ware, dusty childrens books, mason jars, old suitcases, haberdashery trims, hats and bows, little girl dresses, costume jewelry, sketchbooks and scrapbooks, spools of thread, scraps of fabric, ribbon, glitter, sequins and buttons than a person can shake a fist at. i am going to be one scary grandmother. terrifying.

i could go on. and on. and on. i love this man with all my heart. i can't believe he's here. i can't believe i get to fall asleep next to him every night and wake up next to him every morning. he is mine for keeps and i love him to the moon and back. and i just can't stop smooching him.

always and forever.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

it's official...

and it only took a year and a day...and maybe a little more...

thank you to our phenomenally talented friend/graphic designer/ illustrator trevor dunaway who went above and beyond our expectations for a website. thank you so much trevor. we will fill up the links very soon...

and thank you miss chelsea cook for setting the wheels in motion.
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