Monday, April 20, 2009

a brief pause...

since i am the ultimate disorganized bride-to-be, i am going to stop posting here in order to stay on track for the wedding! if you want to see what i am up to and all of my planning leading up to the big day, stop by and see me here



our wedding invitations, courtesy of greenwich letterpress

i love love, i really do. i love love.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

good day, sunshine...

today i am grateful for...

1. john gardner visiting me and bringing me sweet treats. he is a travelin' man and i miss the days when we would work on our fitness and then dance the night away...

2. chelsea cook's new fat pets...ginny pip and pumpkin. i made her name one of them after me. even though she already had their names picked out. so shameful.

3. dreaming about being wherever this photo was taken. i could sit there all day long. (...)

4. having a day off tomorrow to tend to wedding planning , cleaning the apartment, and organizing trims and notions to sell-hooray. (...) (...)

5. seeing this movie. even though it broke my heart. into a million pieces. one of the saddest films i have ever seen.

6. the cherry blossoms explosion. streets are lined in white and pink, and the petals coat the pavement like confetti. at night all the trees throw a party, while new yorkers lie peacefully in their beds.

7. an absolutely lovely surprise in the mail from one of my favorite (former) nylon girls. andie cusick was so kind to all of the interns, in the most sincere way. i instantly adored her and i am so glad i found her again! naomi nevitt, andie cusick, aya kanai, and grace chan. a great group of gals who inspired a very bright-eyed girl from the south to believe there is niceness in fashion. (will take photos of content later...) (...)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

hippity hoppity...

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” ...winnie the pooh.

hope the bunny brought you a basket full of treats. the bunny is bringing home my eddie to me. we are going to eat brunch at casimir. he will then watch the masters on t.v. he says if he could play and win one sporting event, this would be the one. i will organize my trims to sell a la lobster and swan. he will tell me stories about his grandfather, pop, who had his 90th birthday party yesterday. i love his grandfather. he is so wonderful that the town of college park is proclaiming his birthday "bill mcniel day". my grandmother, kitty branch, is 101 and still sharp as a whip. and the epitome of a southern lady. we are so lucky to have such incredible grandparents. i can't wait to have 70 + more years of celebrating easter with my sweet eddie.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

and i love love...

... i love love

to keep me organized and focused on the home stretch before the wedding. ooh wee it's gonna be tough! so much to do, so little time...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

confessions of a pack rat...

it's true...

i have too much. of everything. my last flea market excursion left my poor eddie nearly pulling out his hair.

"really ginny, you needed a third birdcage? and how many amputated wooden feet does one person need?!!!! we have five sewing machines and you don't even like to sew!"

the moment i buy something, i attach sentiment to it. there is no theme. no editorial eye. just an ever-growing collection of a madwoman. i am a maximalist.

enough is enough. everything must go. well, not everything.

1. stacks and stacks of untouched fashion magazines dating back to 2003 that i don't know what to do with.

2. heaps and heaps of vintage trims and notions. more than i can shake a fist at.

3. vintage clothing and accessories stored in every nook and cranny. hidden in old suitcases and underneath the bed.

4. old, pretty little hardback books. and new, hideous paperbacks.

5. old paper and ephemera.

6. enough vintage toys and treats to start a darling children's store.

i am going to start slowly parting with my treasures i have gathered over the years. giving away useless junk and selling sweet things i want someone else to love and appreciate. i am ready to leave grey gardens

(which i won a ticket to the advanced screening of-hooray!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

absence makes the heart grow fonder...

today i am grateful for...

1. drinking insane amounts of coffee, eating brunch at cafe cluny, and devouring cupcakes at my new favorite cupcake spot, butter lane. and with one of my favorite girls to boot!

2. this idea of apple crate shelving. sigh. why i hadn't i thought of this when i decided ikea was the storage answer to my prayers?

3. taking stock of everything i own, thanks to the sound advice of amy merrick. i have stuff. way too much. some things have got to go...hopefully sooner rather than later (wouldn't want my ikea shelves to tip over and kill a roommate or fiance). eeps.

4. my phone call from my former boss and purveyor of treasures, paula danyluk. she gave me some serious words of wisdom, and words of warning for running your own business. and this post on design sponge. just in the nick-of-time...

5 these darling type samples via the snail and the cyclops. oh my! all of those beautiful typefaces for the simplest of things. today's typefaces pale in comparison... helvetica? please.

6. sugar cubes with hearts. why can't stores like toast, cox & cox, labour and wait, and baileys home and garden exist in america? exquisite packaging. i am ready to buy anything they are selling. but hey, now we have topshop...

7. this i-phone application. sold. enought to make me want to be a grown-up with a real phone. found via ink on my fingers-a new favorite stop.

brian andreas
8. finding ways to occupy my time with my sweet eddie away in atlanta for his spring break. i miss him so much it hurts. it has been less than 48 hours. he just makes my life that much better when he's with me. i will be counting the time til he returns to me...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

weekend treasures...

in the spirit of miss cup of joe, i am going to give roundups of my favorite weekend discoveries. enjoy y'all!

1. calling amy merrick and chelsea cook- cute blogger michelle my belle introduced me to these... i want them all. maybe for my ugly books that i don't want to showcase...

2. i can't wait to go to this on tuesday april 7th. if you are going please find me and say hi! or if anyone has an extra ticket, i know a very sweet pete who would love to come...

3. hope to find the legendary boris, from this d-i-y post that made my jaw drop. not only does this trio of femmes throw one of my favorite dance parties in this city, but they have really saucy avant-garde fashion d-i-y's. and if i were a tough california chick, i would want to hang out with this duo.

4. i think these beards would be fun for a party. or for any of my gal pals who love boys with beards...which means all of them!

5. here is a fun argument eddie and i once had about cy twombley outside the moma. it ended with me screaming like a banshee at him. oh the plight of modern art.

6. sisterly love. how cute is miss amy's sis' mischa merrick. boy do these two have similar sensibilities. and i really love the hoveys. hollister and porter. good names. good family breeding.

have a wonderful weekend! i'm off to go explore flea markets tomorrow...ooh wee!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

penelope lives in a fishbowl...

why i want to be friends with penelope...

1. she has a wardrobe like haylie and afton.

2. she makes terrariums and wants to be a horticulturist like amy.

3. she goes to the circus like halli.

4. she has a crush on mr. tumnus, ahem, james mcevoy like...well like me and all of my friends.

5. she writes her crush's name inside her books like me. ginny loves eddie.

this movie is so freaking cute. chelsea cook recommended it to me and i fell in love with it instantly...and we both rewound the kissing scene at the end over and over. and over. heart.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

for the love of wedges...

today i am grateful for...

louis vuitton stripper wedges on sale for $100. thank you peter hale cooney III. thank you tax refund.

gojane moccasin wedges on sale for $12. thank you budget-friendly website.

i am addicted to goofy shoes. and i must be stopped.
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