Thursday, July 30, 2009

yay you!

this is momma branch's favorite congratulatory expression. and i dig it.



eddie finished the bar exam yesterday! i wanted to surprise him with a celebratory treat, so i bought him the boy version of cupcakes. a six-pack of beer. a case of bud to be exact. i am not a beer drinker so it felt quite strange buying it...and at 9:30 in the morning! i always leave for work at 10:30 am and i knew he'd beat me home...

i think the bodega lady was suspect. she kind of tsk tsked under her breath, and shook her head a little. oh well. anyway,

yay you, eddie!

i am one proud wife. now we only have to wait three months for the results. ugh.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a letter to josh goleman...

thank you for capturing the best day of my whole entire life. from the moment i saw maura and chap's wedding, i knew i had to have you. you were a non-negotiable. you and nate were two of the most talented, the most charming, most professional gentleman. and the biggest hits of the weekend(save for peter hale cooney III). your photos alone show your talent. and your film making skills are out of this world. this was the most pleasant surprise in my inbox this morning.i know it seems silly, but i keep re-playing this over and over again. this day was perfect. everytime i watch it, i cry. ed and i really love our friends and family more than anything in this world. there is nothing we value more. if you can count your blessings by the good people in your life...well...i think we have hit the jackpot. and i don't mean to sound overly proud or boastful. we really just love our friends and family.

so thank you josh goleman and nate kula. thank you from the bottom of my heart. which is so full.

knock em dead ed...

rock steady eddie. #24 on the field, #1 in my heart. 



today i woke up at 5:30 am to make eddie a "good luck breakfast" before he takes the bar exam today. he has been studying for this since the moment we got back from the weddin'. i made the biggest pot of coffee and shuffled around to find #2 pencils.

"you mean of all the hundreds of fancy, oh-so-vintage, and oh-so-pointless pencils that you don't have a classic original #2 lying around?" a loving question, from my patient husband.

thankfully i dug deep into my bag of tricks, and found a pair of pencils for him. and made him a to-go peanut butter sandwich . and a mini "good luck eddie" garland. i need to get my hands on some poster board and jumbo markers. bring it back real old school. i really am so proud of him. he has been hard at work and i wish i could be there to cheer him on. but i think that would be considered unprofessional. and downright distracting. i bet law schools frown upon those kind of things...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

give me my sin again and again...

i think i need to make it a goal of mine to befriend someone with a movie theater to play this once a week. we missed the first twenty minutes and arrived just in time to hear "kissing you". and the fish tank scene. and the elevator scene. oh the elevator scene... 




thank you john gardner and lauren weinerth for coming with me. it was so worth the three hours in commute, to and from, just to see it. and with two of my favorite people. 

sunday good things...

 source: courtesy of miss francie of the snail and the cyclops.

today i am grateful for...

eating spicy shredded chicken tacos and blackberry sorbet.

reading keri smith's lists and lists and lists. i just love lists. i think it's a girl thing.

wrapping birthday presents for all my july babies.

adding more ephemera to the ed and ginny memorabilia on our mantle. 

house cleaning.

journaling and scrapbooking after a brief hiatus.

exchanging sweaty kisses with my husband. oh how we sweat!

i hope y'all are having pretty special sundays too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

today i am grateful for...

1. one of my best friends was born today. see post below.


2. ripening my peaches on the windowsill. i love me some peaches. too bad they ain't quite as sweet as they are in georgia...


3. finding a place for sweet nikki's card. she is so talented and makes the best, most thoughtful handmade postcards. each letter in "one month" represents a different element from our wedding. my favorite is the first "n" represents my fake eyelashes. 


4. husband buying me a bouquet of wildflowers, which are now scattered throughout the entire apartment in various milk bottles. hooray.


5. coming home to find not only had my sweet man made the bed, but he also arranged the stuffed animals. in an inappropriate, umm, "love train". 26 going on 12. he couldn't stop laughing.


6. taking a nature walk before dinner with eddie. it is a boon having the park so very close to our home. a stone's throw away. i collected acorns and funny pieces of bark. ed bought a mister softee. 


7. oh hi. i have red hair now. i'm grateful i can finally grow my hair again! it just wasn't budging with the bleach... at all. but now, waist length hair, here i come!

a letter to corrie...



happy birthday corrie wright pellerin.

i wish you were here so i could sing thriller at the top of my lungs at you. and jump in your bed to force you to get up. 

i would make you peanut butter pie and we could share the whole thing. if we had a car, maybe we could drive and blast ridin' dirty by chamillionaire and i'm in love with a stripper by t-pain. and maybe even temperature by sean paul. we could do impressions of people and laugh until we snort. 

maybe, if i'm lucky, i could hear you say "hey buddy, it's just your world we're livin' in!"  

we could watch grey gardens and debate which beale we're gonna be when we grow up. my bet is you're the old one, naked, eating ice cream in bed. 

or we could just quote anchorman and wedding crashers and annoy everyone around us with our inside jokes. 

i could do a before and after photo documentary of you on a night out. before: you all glammed up in a purty, sparkly party dress and sassy high heels. after: a zoom of your bare feet. classic.

miss corrie, you are my funniest friend. one of the most loyal people i know. have impeccable taste in every aspect. are beautiful inside-out. southern in all the right ways.  and you can put any man in his place. 

you were one of my bridesmaids and one of my best friends in the whole wide world. you are my friend who reminds me most of my mother. and i mean that in the best way. i miss you so much it makes me cry, and i wish you were here right now so we could do all of the above. i hope you had the best birthday and i love you dearly.

p.s  i'm so glad you were born.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

did my heart love til now...

i need some folks to see this with me this saturday. 3:45 p.m. at lincoln center. i saw this 9 times in theater when it came out in november of 96. i've always been a touch obsessive. this movie inspired my catholic art collecting. fueled my love for claire danes and leonardo dicaprio. and was the first movie i ever saw with my husband. we were with a huge group of people and every girl in the audience gasped when the screen zoomed in on romeo for the first time.

another fun fact...the song i walked down the aisle to was the instrumental version of "kissing you". it is also the song my husband played when he proposed to he was quoting the scene where romeo first speaks to juliet at the capulet's party. swoon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i love my eddie...

my sweet man woke me up with coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon. probably the best way to wake up ever. i just think he's the jam.


i found my beloved kewpie bride and groom during my unpacking! their paper outfits are precious. if only i knew how to make tiny paper garments. i can't even make people sized ones.

ed & ginny

two hearts that chelsea cook drew for me when ed & i got engaged. the first daisies ed ever gave me, circa 1998. my most favorite flowers ever.


a small section of my ed memorabilia. i have a growing collection of things with his name on it. and it makes me smile every time i see this little cluster.

o.k, back to getting ready for work now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

july rain..

simple gratitudes for a perfectly gloomy summer morning. waking up to the sound of rain against your window. actually being able to see outside of your window. the last lower east side dungeon had no windows to the outside world. just alleys and bar patios.

i am grateful for:


pale purple hydrangeas from a generous neighbor who didn't mind letting a few droopy blooms go to a new home.

a rain smattered window.

a pitcher of water spiked with lemon slices. tastes like summer.


black coffee in a cup and saucer. should be tea on such a grey morning, but i am ferociously addicted to coffee in the early hours.

my handsome man sleeping deeply. his cute feet peeking from the covers.

Monday, July 20, 2009

i love love...

meet chris and kyle.

two childhood sweethearts who i wish lived in nyc. too cute for words. see more about them here and here.


maybe it's because of where i work. or maybe because i am my mother's daughter. or maybe because i am ready to feel adult-ish, or ahem, kidult-ish. lately i am gravitating toward white(bisque, ecru, enamel, cotton, cream, antique lace) interiors juxtaposed with wood(birch, mahogany, pine, oak) and shiny(sequins, patina, metal, tin, steel) . gotta have some shiny. and i'm not ready to part with my love for pink(sorry husband). 






i have a lot of treasures that need a cleaner back drop. since i have a tendency to collect the misfits. the chipped, peeling, stained, careworn, and forgotten. oh i hope this home falls into place soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

the littlest of things...

happy sunday y'all.

here are some people, places things that i am very grateful for...


1. staring out windows and day dreaming. i probably do this way too often. i am hypnotized by the sunlight and its shadows.

2. learning how to cook dinner for my husband... and sort of failing. my sweet man is such a good sport.

3. lemonade and key lime graham gelato from lia's, an ice cream shack in brooklyn.

4. baby and dog watching at prospect park. 

5. positive bloggers who continually and consistently renew my faith in humanity... gala darling, the rockstar diaries, frolic, and lobster and swan

6. kind of like martha stewart for folks who are short on time and patience. i particularly fancy their new uses for everyday objects series. so good.

7. unearthing my favorite red lipstick. it had been hiding for a while and i found her during my unpacking! 

i hope all y'all are taking full advantage of this delicious weather and having a wonderful summer so far!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

summer dreams...

i am grateful for picnics in the park.

with water in fancy bottles and fat, red strawberries.

and yellow pineapple and pink lemonade.


and chelsea cook for organizing it. and looking like an angel.
and for hanging out with emily cox and paul isabela. the world's cutest couple.



and for friends who wear such stinkin' cute clothing. chelsea, mollie, and emily are too precious for words.

and for playing board games where no one wins or loses. just laughs a lot.

and where the sunlight filters through the trees in the prettiest way. and fireflies and lady bugs come out to say hello.

i am grateful for sweet, silly friends in my life.

cake toppers and small gifts...

remember those haylie bird waring statuettes that i had mentioned earlier? once wed featured a d-i-y tutorial on her darling cake toppers that she hand crafted for my bridesmaids. and they are even more magnificent in person!  

Thursday, July 16, 2009

how much is that bottle in the window...

oh how grateful i am to be finished cleaning for the day. to be lying in bed with my husband after seeing this very naughty and completely inappropriate movie at our local movie theater. this is my reward for an entire day of "chores". i spent the day making our house feel like a home. early morning grocery shopping. finding homes and hiding places for all my treasures. making labels for anything and everything. arranging for the cable guy to set up our wireless. scouring and scrubbing mason jars, bottles, and vials. promptly filling them with sequins, buttons, dried flowers, seeds, flour, cornmeal, sugar, and salt. and one lucky bottle even gets to house my palmolive soap. 

needless to say i didn't exactly get around to sweeping, dusting, or laundry. and i'm light years away from being able to hang items on the wall... but i think i am making progress. either way, at the end of the day i get to fall asleep next to one handsome man. can't complain...

prepping my new jars

the "new" ye old dish rack.

dish soap
dish soap bottle.


elmwood window sills.

bottles and jars ready for new life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

give me my sin again...

saw this tonight at lincoln center. i have always dreamed of seeing zeffirelli's romeo and juliet on the big screen. olivia hussey and leonard whiting are so beautiful it hurts to look at them. i bawled like it was the first time i'd ever seen it (even though i have probably seen it several hundred times). chelsea had to hold me.

next saturday i'm going to see the baz luhrmann version. i can't wait.

Monday, July 13, 2009

shining star...

shining star

by george, i think i finally got it! it took me far too long to figure out how to work out the technical kinks on this thing. well, girlies, thank you so, so much for all your tips and tricks. it only took me til the twelfth hour to realize i was being a dum dum and missing half the image code from flickr. oh "copy and paste". not always foolproof if you aren't paying attention! anywho, thanks a million y'all!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

test post

well, shoot. i am trying to figure out how to make my photos larger and centered on this thing (blogger). any one know how? i've tried googling the answer, and i keep going around in circles.

p.s this was one of our cake toppers from our wedding, courtesy of miss haylie-bird waring. she's amazing. check out her blog for more statuettes she created for my bridesmaids.
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