Monday, November 30, 2009

masculin feminin


with december fast approaching i realize i am still at an utter loss how to stay warm and look like a lady. last year i hibernated under a huge l.l bean sleeping bag of a coat and destroyed many wonderful pairs of shoes.

boots zoom

glittery bra

glittery bra zoom

and balancing out the butch footwear with feminine flourishes.

sparkly cases

sparkly card cases zoom

glittery bras, card cases, and fur collars. now all i need is an all-weather coat that isn't so utilitarian that i feel like a frump. if that even exists.

it begs the question, "what would sarah sophie flicker wear?"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

same old sweet song, different tune...

today i am grateful for...

unabashedly, wildly, madly loving being a girly girl. even though i have married a manly man, i can't give it up. i can just mildly contain it to my studio.


savannah, georgia circa 2007. photo taken by emily searle.



east village, new york circa 2008.

studio 3

studio 2

studio 7

studio 5

studio 8

studio 6


this room makes me smile when i get dressed in the morning. i see bits and pieces of all the people i love. so many treasures in here were gathered in georgia or given to me by dear pals/ family. and it makes my heart feel so very full. and hi, i love love.

apples. peaches. pumpkin pie...

today i am thankful for...

doughboy balloon

pumpkin balloons

parade date

my first thanksgiving with my husband! he suggested the macys thanksgiving day parade because it reminds him of being at home and of his mom. this is our first time not going to atlanta for thanksgiving.

duck boots and leaves


breaking in my new boots and breakin' out my bling. i have missed my pieces of flair. these are two new editions. one is a pendant of my new initials( thanks amybranch munn). and the other is an old pince-nez pair i had hoped to put my prescription into. alas, i am too blind to wear such a dimunitive frame.

pumpkin pie

pretty little plate

my mom's thanksgiving care package. the ingredients and recipe to make pumpkin pie and a set of my favorite plates. i love my mom. today ed and i are just a pair of peaches. in the big apple. eatin' pumpkin pie... and freemans later because i was too intimidated to take on thanksgiving dinner in its entirety!

i am always thankful for...

my husband. mom. dad. lisa. amy. barry. penny. mama. momma and poppa stelling. daniel. john. pop. kristie. rankin and travis. jessica. chelsea. corrie. petey-pie. haylie. john g. jessica. lauren(lo-ball). nikki and laraine. amy m. mary p. maddy. kristi. haynes and hunter. and many, many more. i love the people in my life. i wish i could have them all here with me today. greedy gus that i am.

Monday, November 23, 2009

cold mornings...

today i am grateful for...

another slow start to the day. i love cold weather for its laziness. any excuse to savor my mornings with coffee, warm socks, and pretty dried flowers.

dried flowers 3

dried flowers 2

dried flowers 1

i really don't mind having dried flowers in the apartment. i love that i don't have to keep changing the water. cotton, sea holly, billy buttons, and pussy willows are pretty dear in bottles stashed all over.

thick socks

my favorite pair of socks... well, more like stockings. they are comically big and thick as a sweater. these were a pretty funny find. no pun intended.

duck boots

and i'm also so happy i found these duck boots from j crew. i fell in love with the peanut and cafe au lait color combination. and the shearling inside was a huge bonus. maybe eddie and i will go for a walk around the park later.

***side note... i was this close to buying a pair of hip-hoppy timberland boots. was feeling like touchin' on my ATL roots. but my husband begged me not to.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the giving tree

today i am grateful for...

seeing one of my favorite books come alive. and for breaking my heart all over again. i love this story.

Monday, November 16, 2009

pockets of goodness...

today i am grateful for...

little bits that make me smile.

cotton for me

stalks of cotton readily available at neighboring bodegas. reminds me of georgia.

flowers from eddie

when eddie buys me flowers. brightens little corners of our home


mini dice

an old paintbrush and a pair of mini dice.

room decor

tackling the blank walls of my tiny studio room.

oh, and reading the little house on the prairie book series.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

short and sweet...

today i am grateful for...

diamonds on water
my day off tomorrow.

the plan...

1. sleep unreasonably late.

2. decorate the walls of our apartment.

3. make apple cobbler for eddie (hopefully).

that's all. short and sweet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ain't it funny...

today i am grateful for...

adding a new antique store to my menagerie. pretty funny antiques is a pretty adorable lil' victorian house in tarrytown, new york. the whole house is brimming over with irresistible junk-y goodness. i saw many things i wish i had room for.

pretty funny 4

what sweet spectacles! a true sight for sore eyes, but i had my eye on a particular mad scientist pair...

pretty funny 2

and a pair of saucy black and white wing-tipped brogues.

pretty funny 3

and a sweet stuffy for francie.

pretty funny 6
and an old thread spool cabinet. ooh this made my heart go a pitter patter.

and i had many a reminder of projects to finish in decorating my own apartment...

pretty funny 9 hanging my collection of old photos and artwork. geez louise, i haven't hung a single thing yet. shameful.

pretty funny 8

...and rearranging my many suitcases.

pretty funny 7

...and solving my impossible shoe storage situation.

we all walked away with a humble pile each. chelsea found a pair of witchy boots and an early christmas present for a pal. i also found a christmas gift for my sweet pete. and a few other bits and bobs that i will share later. i had to leave behind a pair of specs and a perfect, reasonably sized leather purse that i might have to phone for after my next paycheck...

sleepy hollow...

today i am grateful for...

view of the manor

philipsburg manor

chelsea and john

sneaking out of the city with friends. chelsea cook, john gardner, and i hopped the train to sleepy hollow, new york for a sunday adventure. chelsea led us to philipsburg manor, a historic house on a sprawling 52, 000 acre plot of land.

dried herbs

walking through the cow barn, we were greeted by hanging gourds, corn, herbs, and horsetails.

cow udders

mischief meow

and i met my first barn kitty, mischief.

sheep barn


and i found where they keep their sheep.

side of the mansion

all cameras had to be put away once we entered the house for our tour. it's a shame because their were lots of charming bits of history i would have loved to share. particularly the sugar cones, fabric swatch books, and kitchen table.

thermos and glasses

a little fall still-life. my thermos and heart sunglasses.

chelsea and ginny

my sweet chelsea cook.

chelsea's view

chelsea's favorite view as we made our return.

autumn leaves

the golden hour. i collected leaves like a mad woman. i even naughtily broke some low branches off. i'm terrible.


even the duckies came by to say farewell.

it was a beautiful day with beautiful friends. public transportation is so good to me, a girl who doesn't know how to drive. little day trips to escape the city is very good for the soul. we also hit up the sweetest antique shop (photos for later). and read scary stories aloud on the train ride back. it was a perfect fall day.

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