Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a charmed life

1. afton waring is getting hitched! i'm so happy for her and samuel, they make a beautiful couple.

2. fresh, piping hot tortillas from the little mexican joint on 14th between 1st and 2nd ave.

3. the magical metals and jewelry store that amy took corrie and i to. a labyrinth of vintage charms. a nook of lockets. i found my replacement whistles for my necklace.

4. kiss and makeup with peter.

5. trim shopping for chelsea and i's costumes.

6. the lot of old photos i found at late bloomers antique shop.

7. the old lady at mood fabrics who reminded me of a chelsea cook/ginny branch mash up. she was wearing a mauve suede hat, a fur collared coat, and a pink color-spectrum striped scarf. she was a toy maker who created a hip-hop teddy bear for gund.

8. the woman with pink stripes in her hair at tinsel trading who gave us vintage santa cupcake toppers.

9. amy's yellow velvet bow.

10. chelsea gave me her leftovers to eat.

11. made a love necklace. glued a metal "E" on a gold locket and added my old promise ring from ed.

12. grey weather.

13. the boy at birdbath bakery gave corrie and i a free chocolate cookie.

14. chelsea, pete, and mollie liked their gifts.

15. talked to my sweet man on the phone.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

do you believe in magic?

1. the sweet boy who gave me a free hot chocolate.

2. maintaining good daily habits.

3. dan the man at the children's store who showed me how to "walk the dog" with the yo-yo.

4. kind richard at grounded who gave me one of my favorite childhood books, miss piggle-wiggle's magic. i am so happy to have found this book.

5. grainne came in the children's store and made us all laugh.

6. the roses in the windowsill against the backdrop of the cloudy sky in the morning.

7. the glittery tree branches, twinkling with raindrops. reminded me of the glittery branches in the twelve dancing princesses fairy tale.

8. bought a bushel of apples for my workers.

9. pete's gold sequined leggings.

10. decaf coffee with whipped cream.

11. the children's store with amy and chelsea. a bit of magic cattycorner to my store.

12. yummy sushi. avocado and peanut roll. soooooo delicious. i could eat it every day. and i just might.

13. letters from two of my bestest friends, the lovely haylie-bird and the enchanting day-day(kristie).

14. my ebay tutorial from amy. she even set up my pay-pal account. dangerous...

Friday, December 7, 2007

1. snowy days with powdery flakes.

2. leather knapsacks on the backs of lovely girls.

3. slumber parties with chelsea and amy, squeezing all of us into her quilted bed and laughing at which march sister we are.

4. taking photos and turning them into postcards by rounding the corners.

5. pistachio muffins. thick, black coffee.

6. running into lauren while waiting in line for the post office and getting yummy cookies at birdbath bakery.

7. cornerstores in brooklyn that look like farmstands in the countryside.

8. how trees can look so creepy and threatening against the backdrop of a wintery sky.

9. my sequined dress that lauren and corrie bought for me the day that i found out i got my new job.

10. lazy mornings. taking the time to leisurely prepare for the day.

11. talking to the love of my life on the phone in the mornings and at night.

12. pete and ed's phone conversation.

13. falling asleep in my warm bed with pete, watching masculin/feminin.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

i love love

1. the love story of ginny and ed is being told again, and what a story it has been!

2. first day of snowfall in new york city.

3. corrie pellerin wrote my name in the snow and did a heart above my "i", she knows me so well.

4. i'm listening to french lessons on my i-pod.

5. cleaned my room! will take photos in the morning...

6. i'm not sick anymore!!!!!!! slowly introducing solid foods back into my diet...

7. chelsea and amy had a paper snowflake contest and had me be the judge! so sweet.

8. pranced around the house in my pink little marc dress. so in love with it. i feel like a ballerina!

9. my big sister, amy surprised me in the store!! and i was so happy to see her. she is definitly the funniest branch in the family.

10. father, mother, and daughter walking with their new christmas tree in the snow.

11. father and children throwing snowballs at eachother.

12. caught up with my correspondence.

13. chelsea brought me hot chocolate.

14. pete gave me a french bulldog postcard.

15. knowing that i'm finally in a place where i can be a good friend/girlfriend/sister/daughter.

16. mollie bought many a house supply for the apartment-in particular, a chalk board!!!!!

17. i'm in love and i don't care who knows it!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

everyday is thanksgiving

1. breakfast with cynthia at cafe gitane before i left for atlanta. and our hilarious cab ride with our pervy cab driver.

2. the new muji store. finally. minimalism done right.

3. gossiping until the wee hours of the night with amy and chelsea.

4. heckedy peg and goosebumps.

5. shopping for kitchenware from my mom's kitchen.

6. black coffee from star provision's with eddie. seems like old times.

7. the charming bearded barista, andy who described a brand of coffee as "hitting you like a candy bar".

8. miss thistlebottom's hongoblins. a charming first edition old book about proper writing. so darling.

9. the sweet children's lamp, baby brush, and silver ducky bank that my mom thrifted for me.

10. kissing eddie in mr. magorium's wonder emporium. we were the only people in the theater.

11. how beautiful atlanta's fall has been. totally trumps nyc.

12. hanging out with kristie, rankin, leila, kerrie, hartley, and travis. laughing a lot!

13. having mini high school reunion's at pool hall, a buckhead bar.

14. sleeping all day thanksgiving on the couch, only waking to eat. comatose like sleep.

15. mother's delicious thanksgiving dinner. amd my take home bag of sugar cookies.

16. riding to the airport with my whole family to see me off.

17. amy made a blog. apple a day. everyone check it out, so precious.

18. coming back to nyc to see that nikki, cheryl, and laraine sent us cupcakes and a card! so thoughtful. i miss them dearly.

19. sweet text messages from all of my dear friends from all over.

20. jose pimienta is in town. visiting chelsea, the love of his life. i love love.

Friday, November 16, 2007

november 15 2007 gratitudes


1. my new job. my new boss and coworkers.

2. building the store with amy and alain and frances.

3. cupcakes.

4. helping amy move her couch and laughing at the whole process.

5. my new gold lacrasia gloves. planning out how we can get amy a pair of customized gloves.

6. chelsea cook got hired at marc!!!!!!!!!!!!! we said a group prayer for her. how everyone loves her.

7. hugging paul and telling him how he has changed my life forever.

8. my sweet darling cards to write to my loved ones who live elsewhere.

9. hanging out with frances and amy in brooklyn.

10. my new vintage notebooks from catbird.

11. hanging out with alex at amacord. truly lovely girl. makes perfect sense that james would have found her.

12. amy merrick's apartment. how she is equal parts me, chelsea cook, haylie bird, savannah wyatt, and halligan norris.

13. amy and abby telling me they told their mother's about me. made me want to cry.

14. seeing frances's future engagement ring.

15. how happy chelsea is. and how much she loves the book she is reading.

16. peter.my husband. spending the night in my bed.

17. amy's story of how her parents fell in love.

18. sweetwater dinner, that amy treated chelsea and me to a celebratory dinner. butternut squash soup.frenchfries.keylimepie.dear friends and good conversation.

19. taking the time to write letters to loved ones.

20. all of the good things that lay in store for my dearest friends.

november 16 2007 gratitudes

1. walking to work with pete on a cool, crisp, clear fall day. the leaves are changing and it feels magical. now all i need is to find a handsome, charming young man to hold hands with me in the park...

2. pete's positive attitude.

3. being able to work two days in a row with only six hours of sleep combined, and feeling sustainably energized.

4. chelsea's first day at work. and that she starts at the little marc store tomorrow. how everyone is already in love with her.

5. chelsea's new wardrobe. seeing her light up from within. the happiest i have ever seen her. ever.

6. frances's dream came true. she is the manager of the children's store. power of positive thinking.

7. james hugged me and seemed genuinely touched by the notebook that i gave him. his sincerity is always high on my gratitude list.

8. seeing james working with the visual team.

9. being giggly girls with amy and frances.

10. haylie bird's new blog post. made me want to cry.

11. susie farhandi and paul sanford, for making my dreams come true.

12. my fishtail braided pigtails.

13. chris weir for making me laugh all day long.

14. butternut squash soup.

15. john gardner finally got what he deserves. he is my newest coworker! and everyone loves him.

16. realizing that i might get to go home for thankgiving.

17. after work dinner with amy, kate, and frances. black coffee and key lime pie.

18. the new steiff toys that are going to be carried at the little marc store...one of which is a hedgehog!

19. talking to my mother on the phone.

20. the future is looking bright...for everyone i love.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

jiminy cricket!

hmmm. this is my first blog post. eventually i will use this for portfolio work, but for now i think i will test drive it with little daily doses of shine.

today was a perfect day spent with my favorite lady in the whole wide world. my mother.
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