Friday, October 29, 2010

current obsession: levi's photo workshop

levi's workshop

{found via hollister hovey}

man oh man i wish levi's would take this show on the road. if i still lived in nyc i would so sign myself up for all the workshops and test out some of their vintage cameras. levi's please bring this to atlanta!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

for the weekend...

halloween weekend

halloween weekend 2


have a fantastically spooky halloween weekend. we're hosting a masquerade party this saturday and i can't wait!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tim walker harlequin

tim walker harlequin

{1,2,3,4,5} tim walker photo found here.

this is the ticket! i found my halloween costume- a sequin-y, tim walker harlequin! i have to make the ruffled collar and i'm set! basically every year i go as some variation of a doll.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween costume idea: amelia earhart

amelia costume

{1,2,3,4,5,6,7} {photographs- LIFE magazine}

i love this costume idea. my sweet haylie bird's sister, afton, dressed up as amelia one year for halloween and it was perfect! this seems super easy to create, especially with all the fall menswear trends out there. heck, i bet you could even find most of these things at a goodwill or salvation army!

1950s paint swatches

1950s color copy

1950s color

these 1950s color samples from papers and paints... can i just frame these? i guess i'm on a color swatch kick these days.

kodak 1922 film tests...

kodachrome final

i don't get tired of this little film. it is a great pick-me-up when i need some eye candy. i keep trying to find more films like this online, but i keep coming up dry! do y'all know if more of these "film tests" exist anywhere else?

stubbs & wootton

stubbs and wootton

every since i saw kara and sara brown and their to-die-for wardrobe, i have been lusting for a pair of pricey stubbs & wootton slippers. today was rather fortuitous when i found a similar style at my local goodwill, and in my size! black velvet with gold embroidered tassels! i can also picture my dapper dan bestie, peter hale cooney III wearing these.

*bonus- my mom's maiden name is stubbs, which only adds to their cool factor for me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

holiday preview

holiday inspiration 1
{board 1: blanket coat, tartan skirt, brown belt, hunting boots, ragg wool hat.} photo source: toast uk

holiday 2

board 2: {red flocked reindeer, red union suit, red lantern, tartan throw, cable sweater, leather thermos}photo source: artemis, tales of a junkaholic.

holiday twirl

board 3: {ostrich cape, sequin dress, sequin shoes, jingle bell ring, jingle bell bobby pins, rose gold rolex, resolution pencils} photo source: kate spade twirl

oh please oh please don't be mad. i am not trying to skip over the delicousness that is thanksgiving. i haven't started listening to christmas music; i'm not baking cookies; and it is DEFINITELY not even fall weather here in georgia... 80 degrees still?! i'm just working on lots of holiday shoots this week, my first ones ever! so of course i've been paying attention to the folks that do holidays so well-bergdorf goodman, kate spade, matthew mead, sweet paul, toast, etc. so this is not a jumpstart on christmas posting-no no no no! just a teaser. although i am getting fired up for my reasons to wear my sequins.

first blush..

{1,2,3,4,5} and {photography by sarah maingot, me, mode d'amour, chloe runway spring '11}

now that i am a blondie again, i am dusting off all my shades of pink in my wardrobe- blush, rose, mauve... you name it. although these colors seem to look exceptionally well on all haircolors and skintones... in my humble opinion.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

nadia & james...

{all photography taken by tommy, whose blog this is naive is extremly charming as well}

i have been a fan of nadia's clothing line, nadinoo, for some time, and was absolutely smitten with her wedding to james. the details are so soft and completely understated. simplicity at its best. and of course, i'm a sucker for a 1920s themed wedding, especially an english garden version!

tomorrow's love(ly) wedding...


photographs by tommy(this is naive)

tomorrow i will share an interview with this lovely bride. this wedding bowled me over big time, and i'm sure it will for you too!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

girl crush: shae acopian detar

{scout magazine, a thought is the blossom, all photos and quotes by shae acopian detar}

first kiss on film...


have a smoochy saturday

spotlight on: color swatched walls...

{color charts via design*sponge, sibella court, mildred's lane}

i can't wait to be able to have a house one day where i can paint WHATEVER i want and HOWEVER i want. the mister is weary of painting our rental apartment, mainly because he doesn't want the hassle of re-painting when we move. fair enough. in the meantime i am drooling over these slapdashed patches of color. who needs to commit to single-colored rooms when you can create a variety of palettes against soft, natural walls? oh the possibilities! sibella court and j. morgan puett, you gals get it right every time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

calling cards...

do you keep them on you? this is mine. i've hesitated to print them because i squirm at the idea of slapping job titles on myself. AND i feel like there are so many things i love to do... style, draw, interview neat folks, rent/sell antique props, play with flowers, design weddings and experiences. not to mention matchmaking, impersonating, and all sorts of tom foolery.

currently i'm working for one of the neatest, wittiest, most charming women i have ever met. annette joseph. she's a photo-styling woman producing and building an empire, which is pretty rad. and she has the loveliest ability of taking a negative and turning it into a positive. and she is the ultimate connector. she networks like she invented the concept. j'adore that. and her.

when people ask how we connected, she replies: "oh ginny stalked me." so true. i like to euphemize with the phrase "politely persistent".

so back to the main question, DO YOU CARRY A CALLING(BUSINESS) CARD ON YOU???? should i start?

alexandra grecco

ooh la la! alexandra grecco's latest lookbook featuring the luscious boticellian beauty hannah metz (and the designer herself). don't you just want the whole collection? i do, i do, i definitely do.

alexandra grecco III

alexandra grecco II

alexandra grecco 1

Alexandra Grecco Fall 2010 from Karina Cifuentes on Vimeo.

{jewelry shown: doyle and doyle}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fresh faced...

i am so excited to see a truly lovely beauty blog on the scene! i don't have an extensive "daily beauty routine". i just tend to rotate a few trusty red lipsticks, and i've been wearing anti-wrinkle creams since i was 17. maybe into the gloss will coax me into unearthing my false lashes and glitter... i know it's there somewhere...


kiss someone today passionately! and if you are feeling extra lovey dovey, visit chris craymer's smoochy site. or visit kissssssssing.

chris craymer copy

chris craymer 1

chris craymer 2

chris craymer 4 copy
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