Sunday, September 26, 2010

fall uniform...

in my old age i am starting to live for a uniform, and pieces i can invest in that will translate seamlessly as time passes by. therefore, i am on board with this coat. these three shoes. this bag.

i'll probably pile on loads of red lipstick, obnoxious jewelry, and my new favorite leather hat.

Monday, September 20, 2010

chris and christy, part III... the finishing touches...

bridal party


5. tell me about your wedding dress, you looked so beautiful! did you have to shop around a lot/ have it made, etc?


christy: (thank you!) One of my closest friends, Kari Green, made my wedding dress. She had moved to New York City for a job with Isaac Mizrahi right before we got engaged. It was difficult being 13 hours apart, but it made for three great trips to New York City and we had the week of the wedding to work on the dress. The dress was perfect for me. Kari completely understood what I was dreaming of: a healthy mix of 1920’s and 1970’s with different laces working together with a cape.


6. your wedding had so many personal touches and handcrafted elements, how did you organize it all during the preparation? did you use a big calendar, or a sketchbook, Ical, google documents... how did you get all your ducks in a row?!

christy: i kept a super fancy list of all the projects i had to do in my iPhone Notes. when i was bored at work, i would doodle my wedding visions on scrap paper and kept them in my day planner in my purse. my mom had an extremely organized notebook with all of the vendor information.

7. did y'all hire any sort of planner and if so, did you find it helpful?

christy: my mother and I designed and made almost everything. my family members and bridesmaids helped with my long list of crafts. we had an amazing on-site event specialist, brittany wardlow, who was a huge help on the big day.

cake topper

8. what kind of food/ cake did y'all have? tell me about the topper!

christy: chris and i really aren't formal people, and we didn't want to change that for the big day. we served roast beef, chicken fingers, mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. our desert bar was filled with banana pudding, berry truffle, thin mints, brownies and four different flavor cupcakes. our wedding cake just HAD to be strawberry because that is both of our favorite cake flavor.

i made our cake topper from a really beautiful christmas ornament I had saved for years. it's the ornament from our save-the-date video. I mounted the ornament on a cardboard box base, and adorned it with little craft store goodies. It ended up being one of my favorite details and i will always cherish it.

the vows

9. what was your favorite moment of the day(other than the "I do" of course)?

christy: our goodbye was EPIC. we were moving to california the next day, so we played phantom planet's "california." everyone was screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs and going nuts. it felt like a scene from a movie. i'm surprised i didn't cry. it still gives me goosebumps.

sending off!

10. what advice would you like to offer to brides-to-be? what do you wish someone had told you?

christy: when planning, stay true to yourself, but learn to compromise. make sure it is what y'all want, and don't worry what people will think. some of the older people that attended, who are only familiar with traditional weddings, said it was the best wedding they ever went to.

chris and christy's vendors:

Venue: John Oliver Michael House in Statham, Georgia

Photographer: Kyle Hale (

Flowers: Amanda Sanderfer

Wedding Dress: custom designed by Kari Green, NYC

Headpiece: both from Anthropologie

Shoes: Aldo

Makeup: me

Hairstylist: Nicole Gasaway

Groom's suit/look: the suit/shirt were from H&M, belt/shoes/tie were from Urban Outfitters

Soloist: Daniel Dewitt- soloist

DJ- Dave Gordon

Caterer: Twiggs Catering, Statham, Ga

Wedding cake: Cecilia Villaveces Cakes, Athens, Ga

Wedding invitations: Dave Greer ( and me

Wedding programs: Rachel Lasserre ( and me

Videographer: Brad Jordan, KTVideos, Atlanta, GA (

Photobooth: Our friends, Rhain and Zach, own The Majestic Photobooth Company (

chris and christy part II... the preparation...


1. what was your vision for your big day?

christy: chris and i just wanted to embrace our southern upbringing and keep things carefree and fun, We wanted our wedding celebration to feel like the ultimate family reunion, but with hand crafted décor and family heirlooms. i’m not one for color schemes; therefore, our palette was quite loose, using any gradation of teal, green, yellow, and grey, with small doses of red.

christy's invitation

2. how adorable and clever was your your invitation(not to mention the save-the-date)?!!! clearly you and your husband are a talented dream team. what was your inspiration for both? tell me about your process! also, are you considering maybe a little invitation business after( you should!!)

christy: chris and i wanted to showcase our talents in our wedding. chris is a brilliant videographer in the skateboard industry. we felt like making a save-the-date video would be the perfect way to show our personalities and let guests know what to expect from our wedding. we had the best time harmonizing our different styles together in one piece!

wedding party

christy's color palette

as an artist, i was extremely excited to hand draw our wedding invitations. before that process began, we mailed little packages to our closest friends, with a drawing asking them to be in our wedding party. i even sent another package to my bridesmaids, with guidance of what to wear on the wedding day. i had so many ideas for our wedding invitations, it was so hard to narrow it down! our friend, dave, was such a big help. i drew all the details on the invitations, and he put them all together on the computer. i really had so much fun drawing our invitations, i would just love to offer my services to other couples who are looking for personalized invitations. ***um, heck yeah, brides-to-be***

tabletop flowers

3. do you have any money-saving tips for brides-to-be? what were the areas you were able to keep costs low?

christy: every detail of our wedding was handmade with love. anything that we couldn't do alone, we asked our talented friends for help.

i spent every day off hitting up different thrift stores in search of sheet sets and vases. We made table cloths and runners from the different sheets.

we used furniture that belonged to my late grandparents. it was a wonderful way to have them there with us. was a wonderful website for our custom invitations and programs! We quickly became really close friends, if not besties. They have fantastically cheap prices and are speedy!

aside from the bouquets and boutonnières, we ordered our flowers wholesale. the day before the wedding, we had family and friends help us assemble them into all of the collected vases.


4. did you find the planning to be stressful? were there any unexpected snafus along the way?

christy: just two nights before our wedding, kari was finishing up my dress, but the zipper got stuck while I was trying it on. she had to carefully remove the broken zipper so I could get out of my dress. we called so many 24 hour walmart stores hoping they would have a certain zipper, but they were no help whatsoever!

the day before the wedding, the owner needed us to change the ceremony location on the grounds. i had the hardest time letting go of it, because for nine months, i had envisioned us getting married within these vines shaped like a cocoon. while i had to compromise, i really do love the location we chose; the sun coming through the trees was really magical.

chris and christy part I...

i met christy ages ago when we were brief co-workers over a christmas break together. christy has always been a multi-talented lady. she's a painter, illustrator, a makeup artist, and a stylish gal with a great heart, funny bone, and a contagious smile. when i saw her cute save-the-date and wedding blog, i knew this was going to be one darling wedding. stay-tuned, because i will be sharing christy's interview all about her handmade southern wedding.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

love(ly) wedding...


chris & christy wedding. photography by kyle hale

so i will forever be a sucker for love. and weddings. so i'm going to start braggin' on some of my favorites, and interviewing the brides about their wedding preps and behind-the-scenes action. because although a picture is worth a thousand words, i do enjoy a good story. especially about love. so check in tomorrow morning, to see one cute bride and groom, and a whole lot of handmade, southern goodness!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

topsy design...





lately i have been throughly impressed with the visual eye candy floating around the internet. truly, madly, wildly excited with new discoveries at every turn. topsy design is definitely rocking my world. their highly curated site boasts a fine collection of honest, industrial furniture, well-edited vintage clothing, and curiosities that are pulling on my itchy trigger finger. please visit their site for a visual feast, and be ready to dig deep into your pockets. mine right now have nothing but moths flying around, unfortunately-ha! but don't buy ALL of those odd fellows masks PLEASE, i've been searching high and low for a year now. just saving my pennies...

Monday, September 13, 2010

anthology magazine...

discovered via design*sponge. toe-tappingly excited for a new magazine to have and to hold. and with my love for a darling moving picture, this advert caught me hook line and sinker.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

end of summer sale...

i love you both

stop by i love you both and see if anything tickles your fancy. i'm also open to some modest haggling, so convo me with your best offer and i may take you up on it! i'm trying to add some new wares next week and want to clean off some shelves :)
september 11 2010...

sept 11

i will never forget.

Friday, September 10, 2010

the girls with glasses show...

i'm obsessed. these girls are so stinkin' cute and NICE! i'm a big fan of nice, talented girls. i am actually missing all of my gals in new york somethin' awful. but i hope this becomes a trend in television. nice people with their own shows. like the fabulous beekman boys and the girls with glasses show. who's with me????

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

with love...

packaged with love 2

bringing the postman some work today and packaging up some shoppe sales with love. new updates for i love you both very soon...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



here is a link to a fun prop styling project i did with AWESOME photographer jeremy harwell for atlanta weddings magazine. the stunning flowers were designed by the equally gorgeous amy osaba. mara z was our lovely and talented hair & makeup artist. one of my bestest friends for life corrie wright pellerin made the fabulous bib necklaces/hair accessories!! the delectable cake was by the absolutely hilarious sharon of sweet sensations. and the married couple, jennifer and eric, was just as kind as they were good-lookin'. go team!

Friday, September 3, 2010

the perks of being a flower...

flowers 5

nothing like a rescheduled photo shoot to leave you with an abundance of fresh flowers. not that i'm complaining! i could totally get used to this accidental perk of being a stylist. any pals in the atlanta area want a mini arrangement before the big holiday weekend?

flowers 2

flowers 3

either way, happy weekend dollies!
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