Friday, February 29, 2008

let the good times roll...2.29.08 gratitudes

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1. breakfast at cafe cluny with amy, chelsea, and pete. so many pitchers of cream and syrup. double order of crispy bacon.

2. diesel, the english french bulldog for eddie.

3. the moving blankets that looked like a bundle of quilts.

4. the moving dollies stacked like sculpture, unloaded from a truck.

5. photo shoots with the crew of west 4th and bank!!!!!!!!!

6. chelsea's sparkly cardigan and suspenders.

7. the stickers and collage sheets from the ink pad.

8. haylie bird flew into town to my surprise! i love when this girl comes to the city and i wish i could keep her here forever.

9. peanut butter cookies and coffee from birdbath.

10. my sequined headband came in the mail!

11. went shopping with chelsea, amy, haylie, frances, and pete after work...

12. its a leap year!

west village darlings...2.28.08 gratitudes

1. my jar of good thoughts.

2. my new sequined hat came from ebay. another gem to add to my collection.

3. the book unearthed by amy merrick "the keys to happiness" came from ebay yesterday. such a funny book!

4. amy and frances in their red attire. i should have photographed them. they looked like heroines in a story.

5. sid vicious, my favorite frenchie came in for 3 visits!

6. amazing grace, my favorite 6 year old darling came in and showed us her pink guitar and photos from the bonpoint fashion show.

7. some of the sequined bags came in for spring and i had to put all 3 out on the floor. our store can never have too much shiny.

8. ate mozzerella sticks and blondies with kieran and james in a very peculiar pub(like a preppy NYU bar).

9. captured james's silhouette on the wall(sort of...)

10. eddie's team won their softball game.

11. finally captured a person carrying balloons. i always see people carrying ballons on the corner of w. 4th and bank and i chased them down like paparazzi.

12. very late at night i ordered my new french cold cream embryolisse. it has a lovely smell and makes my skin feel so soft.

13. worked out yesterday for the first time in a looooooooooong time.

14. got a new dress from little marc that is the perfect GB color. drop waisted, frilly, with a racerback. way to go amy merrick for scounting out that darling number for me...and you'll get money in two weeks ;)

15. ate two cupcakes for dinner.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

spring cleaning(almost)...gratitudes 2.27.08

1. slept late.

2. went to the farmers market with chelsea. bought fresh goat cheese, edible flowers, and mesculin greens.

3. had a pretzel croissant, coffee, and farmer's lemonade for breakfast.

4. ate pretty edible flowers(impatiens) for lunch.

5. ran into anderson currie at strand bookstore! such a sweet boy...and pretty easy on the eyes.

6. love you eddie ;)

7. had my trial teeth cleaning and yulia checked my teeth! they feel squeaky clean and free of coffee stains. now i have to make sure to floss at night.

8. went to trader joe's for the first time in a loooooong time and bought groceries to make healthy salads.

9. chelsea's outfit. my favorite coat of hers and a big ole bow on her head.

10. cleaned my room and washed dishes while wearing silver eyeshadow, red lipstick, and loads of glitter. i felt like a woodland nymph.

11. put away my clothes from yesterday and did laundry.

12. organized my bazillion purses/bags. consolidated to my purse and gym bag.

13. put all my spare change in a piggy bank.

14. came up with more ideas for the wedding. sparklers( thank you corrie pellerin) and releasing butterflies(t hank you country living). it's going to be magical.

15. hung out with corrie my love yesterday, for the first time in a long time. it was so nice to catch up and lament the long new york winter.

16. found out one of my best friend's from high school, jessica, got into sotheby's and is moving to nyc very soon.

17. caught up on my correspondence.

18. talked to the love of my life. he's been working out and it's inspiring me to start hitting the gym again. and he's going to be here in 10 days!!!!!

19. went with chelsea to pick out her new cute running shoes.

20. chelsea brought me back an apple cider doughnut.

21. worked on business card design.

22. alyson fox asked me for feedback on her works-in-progress. sort of surreal. never in a million years would i have ever thought that i would correspond with my favorite artists. i can't believe the ladies i look up to are so lovely...i'm blown away.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

through the looking glass...2.26.08 gratitudes

1. the older gentleman who was leisurely reading his newspaper in front of the antique bookshop he works at.

2. chelsea's perfect neck bow peeking out of her fur coat accompanied by a darling hair accessory.

3. pete's assistance at the photo shoot. he kept me organized, helped me lug all of my clothes, calmed me down when i was nervous...

4. had a lovely woman from holland named gigi do my makeup today. first time someone has done my makeup in years!

5. discovered the most amazing cream embyolisse-a french cold cream. you can only buy it online and it is relatively cheap-$25.00.

6. spent time in a charming european restaurant, Bobo on 10th st and 7th ave. The interior was like what I want my home to look like!

7. painted silhouettes on white exposed brick and color coordinated books.

8. played dress up and felt girly.

9. tina tyrell took my photo, a photographer whose work i have admired for a long time.

10. found the book "The Butler's Pantry Book" A Compendium of Household Secrets from the Victorian Age. Such a treat, with lovely pen and ink drawings.

11. i have received emails from three of my favorite female artists. i can't even believe it. i absolutely adore these artists and its almost surreal to be corresponding with them.

12. the girls today told me i looked like alice in wonderland. i was really excited. i love alice.
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