Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year


last post of the year, throwing confetti in the air as we speak!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

for auld lang syne...

for auld lang syne

{via entre nous}

dear guys and dolls in the blogosphere,

let's cheers to a happy shiny new year! i can't wait to see what's in store for everyone in 2011, and i wish we could all raise a glass with something bubbly and bright. thanks for stopping by, and i hope to see you in the new year!

love always,

ginny branch stelling

resolution: get organized


{martin bag, embosser, numbered pins, siwa envelope, labels, pencil case, things to do list}

sigh. i don't even know where to begin... all i want to do is throw everything out and start over. but i don't have that kind of courage... on another note, i'm also convinced an ipad would magically make me the most organized and efficient girl in the world. surely that must be true!

*also, that siwa kraft envelope is so calling my name! i almost purchased one in nyc but chickened out last minute. but it is super soft and extremely strong(nearly impossible to rip). i could easily see myself using them to organize each styling gig(all the receipts, notes, and shot lists...).

resolution: travel more


{via here}

i act like this is such an easy one to do during a recession.. but i think it is do-able! i vow to at least go on more adventures! i am even willing to stop buying $15 forever 21 shoes in order to start a travel fund. osa johnson, here's looking at you kid ;)

chapel of love...

cumberland island chapel

i can't believe that john john and carolyn got married in this tee-tiny church in georgia. i have this spot earmarked on places i hope to visit in 2011. white clapboard pulls at my heartstrings every time.

also, i've got weddings on the brain(surprise, surprise). today i met with one of my favorite bride's and her invitation designer( who is also this beautiful bride). bright and early january 1st i am lending a helping hand to the divine floral goddess, miss amy osaba, and her assistant erica. then the following week i have a wedding shoot with jeremy. love love love on the brain!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

american royalty: carolyn bessette kennedy

carolyn besette kennedy

carolyn besette kennedy 2

{all pics via ultimate carolyn}

i stumbled upon this blog devoted to carolyn bessette kennedy style which reignited my interest in this flaxen beauty. she epitomized style and grace and i admire her clean lines and unfussy approach to hair and makeup(minus the high-maintenance platinum blonde hair and red lips). she balanced timeless designers like calvin klein with bolder names like yohji yamamoto. she always appeared effortless and understated, but still savvy. the pictures of her on her wedding day and pictures of her dancing or smiling at john-john just make me weepy. despite whatever the tabloids say, their chemistry was mesmerizing.

i'm so glad i rediscovered her style, especially her cosmetic choices. i just added a tube of face stockholm's cranberry veil in addition to my staple red(face stockholm silk). apparently carolyn swore by bobbi brown's ruby sheer lipstick which is now discontinued, but face stockholm's cranberry veil is a deliciously close copy.

artists j'adore: bett norris




i absolutely adore seeing what people collect. blogs like "a collection a day" and the works of bricolage life really rev my engine. when i found the works of bett norris, i felt like i found a total gem! i would be happy to have a whole illustrated book detailing the treasures belonging to iconic women of the arts... ahem, hint hint.

resolution: drive to a beach

travel inspiration

via garance dore & chance

travel inspiration 2

{vera scarves, breton shirt, two for the road dvd, bensimon lacets, sunglasses, straw tote, suntan lotion, chanel lipstick, beach ball, panama hat}

i'm getting a jumpstart on the resolutions AND only fun ones that i am guaranteed to stick to! nothing that's going to be a drag. i really want to travel more, which i'm sure by now i sound like a broken record. i have to visit my sweet corrie in new orleans and my sweet haylie in florida. if you haven't seen the movie two for the road, watch it this instant! it will surely spark your sense of adventure and desire to pile into a car and hit the road with a handsome fella.

new year, new possibilities...

new year new you

few things are more hopeful than a new, blank calendar. oh the possibilities and new opportunities that await! my mother-in-law gave me this adorable calendar that will be going up promptly in my kitchen. i am also eyeing this clipboard version to hang up in the bedroom or the prop room...if i get it organized(resolution, maybe?)

also, i found this toast via kate and it is just lovely. i wish i was the kind of person who could flawlessly deliver a toast... or any kind of public speech for that matter. i have the gift of gab, just not so much when all eyes are on me...

peonies please...


{ via here and here}

as soon as christmas ends i am constantly wanting to fill my home with cut flowers and houseplants. the itch is getting stronger and trader joes peonies have been serving me quite well! flowers are such an easy, instant mood lifter, wouldn't you agree?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

di updo dah...


{sephora hair bands, bobby pins, lulu organics hair powder}

i can't stop fantasizing about all the things i will do when my hair is long again. the in-between phase is just the pits! i keep trying to coax my hair into baby braids and various stages of a messy bun. the day i can muster enough hair for a topknot will be quite the triumphant day. and i will so rock a kooky victorian bouffant as soon as possible. all this works so well if you are anti-washing your hair often(which i totes am).

*p.s- jane birkin was a stone cold fox. although i think back in the day i would have been on team charlotte rampling.

new site alert: brand name pencils...

pencil this in


found this pencil site via miss moss and swoo-hooned! i'm a sucker for collections and for beautiful old things. this site satisfies both loves!

love this look...

tomboy style 2

{haw-lin, 1st dibs coat, 1st dibs purse, what price glory hat}

well isn't this just perfection?

day in the life of...


{via design love fest}

i'm sure you all read design love fest, right? of course you do, how could you not?! it is such a delicious piece of bloggin' eye candy aaaaaand the author of the blog is a blonde bundle of goodness. i had the pleasure of meeting miss bri emery at lavish and she is every bit as darling as you would think! she totally had me at hello :)

she has several columns i adore. she is the beauty and brains behind closets and casa( the ashley meaders column was too adorable) and she just featured me in her day in the life of column. it was such a fun interview! the question at the end is too funny and true for words!

hermes scarf...

hermes scarf

{j'aime mon carre, grace kelly picture}

last night my mother gave me QUITE the surprise, in the shape of a beautiful orange box... a vintage hermes scarf gifted by my grandmother. truthfully, i'm not someone whose heart gets aflutter at the sight of a blue tiffany's box. nor am i someone who would give their firstborn to own a chanel 2.55...although i certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at either! i actually get more of a thrill finding a 1920s beaded dress at a flea market or an ll bean fisherman sweater at a goodwill.

but for right now i am doing backflips over my new scarf. ever since i saw grace kelly wearing it as a sling, i thought it was extra rad.

have you ever read deluxe: how luxury lost its luster? it's actually a pretty grim but fascinating account of the decline of luxury. and the only brand that is lauded for its steadfast dedication to quality and hand-crafted, artisinal practices... why hermes, of course.

Monday, December 27, 2010

clean house...



{rust oil, vinegar, iris hantverk brushes, ikea towels, baking soda, galvanized bucket, beeswax furniture polish, a guide to green housekeeping}

{photos via old chum}

these next few days is operation clean house! i got this book when i was in nyc. and am totally smitten with all the simple ways to clean with household items! for 2011 i am going to try and swear off as many chemical cleaning products as possible. i am absolutely pitiful when it comes to practicing eco-mindfulness, and every little bit helps, right?

ring in the new year...


nye 2

nye 3

{3.1 phillip lim glittery dress, rose moet, nars funny face lipstick, confetti system blindfold, party horns, 1st dibs tophat, deborah lippman boom boom pow nail varnish, margiela disco ball heels}

new year's eve can definitely be an overly-hyped night, especially if you leave your plans up in the air. thankfully one of my favorite married couple(and next door neighbor) is having their 2nd annual NYE fete! i am rifling through my sequins as we speak, and definitely admiring the glittery work of ashley meaders and confetti system. if all you do to celebrate is sit on the couch and watch the ball drop, at least treat yourself to some fancy rose moet. my pal, adrian brought some last year and it was definitely the pink icing on the cake!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

water for elephants trailer...

this looks so dazzling i can't even stand it! i thoroughly enjoyed the book and am very much looking forward to the film version. the trailer is majorly giving me a "big fish" kind of vibe, and i dig it.

snowy day...

snow day

images via haw-lin, and NYPL

christmas 2010 was pretty terrific! we spent a cozy and warm christmas eve and morning with the stellings and finished the evening with a yummy dinner with my branch family. i roasted chestnuts; drank my first batch of smoky eggnog; ate homemade bread; wrapped many brown paper packages with string; lived in a union suit and a santa hat for two days; and finally had the white christmas i have been waiting for since 1993. there are so many peoples, puppy dogs, presents, and things i am grateful for this christmas, there aren't enough fingers and toes to count them on!

tomorrow i am looking forward to snowy things before it melts. i might build a snowman, make a snow angel, throw a snowball or slurp down some snow ice cream. i'm definitely going to dust off my neglected camera and record some memories! i'm eyeing my bean boots as we speak...

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas y'all

sailor christmas

{from swaptorium's christmas flickr}

merry christmas folks! i'm buzzed on some very fine espresso(thanks to my nifty new espresso maker{thank you secret santa}) and i'm off to wrap up a storm! i LOVE giving people gifts so much and had the best time shopping for my family this season. later today i hope to be ingesting copious amounts of either chocolate chess or pecan pie, watching christmas claymation, and reading a good book. what do y'all have planned?

happy holidays and cross your fingers for snow, i hear we might have a white christmas this year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

holiday scribbles...

holiday scribbles

i have been following the scribbler's blog for some time now. her illustrations melt my heart and are of a similar style of one of my favorite fashion professor's, neil gilks. i love her messy, slapdash style. she just posted some holiday illustrations and i instantly had to share. dolling up as a fancy christmas tree is my default holiday dresscode this season ;)

then and now: head scarves

head scarves 2 copy

{ garance dore, google images}

head scarves
{miss moss, hermes}

since i am no stranger to man-repelling headgear, this is a no-brainer. honestly, the headscarf has been a true blue classic throughout the ages, donned by the trads like jackie o to the eccentrics (ahem: her cousin, little edith beale). i'm so ready to expand my collection of silk scarves and add a new weapon to battling bad hair days. which i have all the time. growing out a pixie cut combined with refusing to blow dry makes for plenty of unsavory hair challenges.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

maira kalman speaks...

an excellent, excellent video by maira kalman. such a charming, one-of-a-kind gem.

why don't you...

christmas is coming

1. ditch the tree skirt, or the whole notion of one giant tree? cluster a few small varieties and wrap the stands in burlap.
2. hang sleighbells from different doors in your home? think a good thought every time one of the bells tinkles.
3. build a mini village of glittery putz houses on your mantle?
4. roast chestnuts on an open fire, or in your oven? chelsea cook posted a simple-how to...
5. burn cedar incense if you don't have your own working fireplace. it's a pretty fantastic solution, and brook farm general store has plenty!
6. forage your own backyard for a wreath-making party with loved ones? amy merrick has some very helpful hints for modernizing this overlooked holiday craft.
7. watch a home alone marathon with your family? home alone 2 is my personal favorite!
8. stage a massive camp out in the basement, sleeping bags and all?
9. stock up on the holiday stamps this year? the design is so classic and will be a forever crowd-pleaser.

personal wish list...

gifts for me

{coffeemaker carafe, travel to new york & morocco(ha-now i'm truly delusional), coty powder, bakelite toys, 1920s dress, schwinn bicycle, tom binns necklace, kiss kiss, hand soap)

phew. with christmas only 3 days away, i am actually giddy that the holiday shopping is all but taken care of. this season has been a series of unfortunate technical difficulty... flat tires, broken phones, ailing computers, and deceased coffee pots. therefore, a "christmas list" is somewhat unrealistic based on all the necessary household repairs and replacements. anyway, a gal can dream, right? that might be one of my favorite things about gift guides, a little make-believe goes a long way!

new york moment...

new york

oh new york. i told myself i wouldn't miss you, but who was i kidding? as soon as i got off the airplane it felt like coming home. i felt like i was seeing the city with the same bright eyes as i did when i first moved to nyc. i am kind of kicking myself for not taking more pictures, but i was too happy to think of anything other than living in the present.

here are my favorite new york moments that i am so grateful for(in no particular order)...

1. dinner at flatbush farm, thursday night with my nearest and dearest. i talk annette's ear off about my friends and she finally got to meet (almost) all of them. there was plenty of delicious food, healthy libations, and a glittery feather headpiece(thank you peter hale cooney III, you never fail to deliver).

2. drinks at little branch with chelsea, lauren, and madeleine. i can't remember that last time i have laughed so hard. we were definitely a bawdy bunch, giving the folks next to us more than an earful! this was followed by late night french fries at pomme frites, more wine, and ended with three of us cozied up in lauren's bed falling asleep to reality bites.

3. brunch at diner in williamsburg with chelsea and jamie, a delicious upscale diner that gives watercolor pencils instead of crayons to the kiddies. paper tablecloths for the waiters to write the ever-changing specials on. early morning brooklyn fashionistas in full regale.

4. my "polite new yorker" pin from gray's papaya. if you live in new york, i highly recommend getting one. it is the best conversation starter in the world! everywhere we went, folks commented on it!

5. visiting my friends sarah and ryan's AWESOME store, life curated, in williamsburg. nuzzling with nutmeg, brook farm general store's beagle. marveling at darr's treasure-filled new williamsburg outpost.

6. celebrity sightings: caroline rhea in the container store and jack mcbrayer(kenneth the page) at the today show's green room.

7. touring the west village with annette and natalie. seeing my favorite peeps: judi at cafe cluny, mohammed at casa magazines, a former client roy, and my peeps at marc jacobs' bookmarc store and maison martin margiela. if i could collectively give the west village a group hug, i totally would.

8. snagging a copy of lula. if anyone knows a source in atlanta, let me know! i can never find it anywhere but nyc...

9. attending amy merrick's awesome wreath-making class! she and her adorable sister, mischa, foraged the woodlands of maryland and brought back the most delicious smelling firs, juniper, sweetgum balls, and other holiday foliage. they even marvelously merchandised everything in trapper baskets,fishing baskets, and old wooden crates.

10. befriending cabbies. asking them how they aren't afraid to drive in new york, and how many accidents had they been in. also, announcing that i just got my license to all of them.

i miss my friends i am so grateful the majority of them are all corralled in the city that never sleeps. my resolution for 2011 is to travel more, and definitely to frequent NYC much, much more.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

bookworm gift guide

book gifts

i have been treating myself to lots of books this holiday season. i can't get enough of 'em, and here are some that are on my list to give others.

1. encyclopedia of the exquisite
2. a perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life
3. the principles of uncertainty
4. let's bring back
5. jack spade bookmarks(everyone needs a good bookmark)
6. the book of secrets
7. jane austen the complete novels
8. how to keep him on a short leash
9. life is meals*

* i am currently reading life is meals and am head-over-heels for this foodie memoir. the book is chock full of fun facts about all sorts of food and mealtime rituals, punctuated by endearing anecdotes.

also, check out katie's list which has some great suggestions too!

new blog alert: tomboy style

tomboy style

discovered a new(to me) blog this morning while sorting through pictures from new york. pop on over here for some refreshing style images both old and new.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

these bright lights will inspire you...

new york new york

{zabar's, life magazine cover, manhattan unfurled, kate spade mittens, marc jacobs pen, cafe cluny}

let's hear if for new york! i am taking a mini break from checking my packing list. i am stupidly excited about this trip. i know it will be a lot of hustle and bustle to prep for my boss's today show segment and i can't wait! i am ready to welcome the slushy streets and disgruntled cabbies. i'm anticipating the subway shuffle and the bumping of shoulders and bags. heck, i might even tip my cap at a pigeon!

visualize an easy breezy day of travel for natalie and me! we're preparing for icy delays, but i am optimistic for smooth sailing.

india hicks and her kraft paper books...

india hicks

{pics via design*sponge and apartment therapy}

i fell for india hicks back when i flipped through the pages of domino magazine and fell upon her kraft paper-wrapped hardback books. now, years later, it is such a pleasure to have interviewed her for my design*sponge column. pop on over here to read more about her creative process...

lotte and bloom...

lotte and bloom

lotte and bloom 2

{flowers courtesy of lotte and bloom}

i discovered the lush and lovely floral arrangements of lotte and bloom this morning and let out a little sigh. what a darling spot of flower heaven! honestly, i don't think i will ever tire of organic and wild flower styling coupled with vintage containers. never ever ever.

i'm also going to attend miss amy merrick's wreath making class at the brooklyn flea this weekend! she's a saipua alumni and has now started her own floral business! she has serious skills to pay the bills y'all. check out her flickr stream and blog and get ready to have your socks rocked!

also, i have to give a shout out to my homegirl amy osaba. she is undoubtedly my favorite floral designer here in atlanta. if i had a million dollars i would buy an arrangement of hers a week! she's also one of the cutest most loveable gals on the planet.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

gentleman's club house...

nyt home

{all pics via nyt}

oh man. man oh man. as soon as i saw this home on the nyt website i got super swoony. the chippy paint and the slatted floors get me all sorts of happy. and the 20,000 square footage... i think that could be enough space to house all my props ;) i would love that theatre room to be a dance studio by day, and by night a place to set up a bunch of tents and sleeping bags to watch old movies. basically this house is good, i mean real good. i feel like the beales would approve.

through the years...

ginny and ed

found some old pics of me and mr. stelling. i've got some really hysterically funny ones from junior high that i am totally going to share later. the one on the right was a picture of our confirmation class(we're about 11 or 12). the one on the left was the thanksgiving after i moved to new york in 2007. over the years he has stayed classically handsome. me... it's like looking back at years of glamour donts ;)

bookmark: mrs. o...

mrs o

{via mrs. o & carole tanenbaum}

shameeka shy ayers, fondly known as the broke socialite, gifted me my new favorite style book. while some people swoon over jackie o, i am 100% the michelle obama smitten kitten. when i stumbled upon the blog mrs. o, it became an instant addiction. who knew this wonderful blog has already been turned into a book?! with every page i find a new style source to haunt... so dangerous!

carole tanenbaum jewelry is the sort of thing i keep trying to hint to my husband. i'm a sucker for vintage, costume, and estate jewelry and her collection hits every mark. now i want to collect vintage haircombs. great. and that little matchbox should be gifted to the ladies of matchbook magazine. don't even get me started on the bakelite rattles... they look like marni necklace charms!

shiny gift guide, design*sponge style...

shiny gift guide

here is my latest gift guide that is up on design*sponge right now! grace asked all of her contributers to chime in with their holiday gift picks. of course i had to do a shiny one... go on over to design*sponge for the full details and for more awesome gift guides! come on, who doesn't want something sparkly waiting for them under the tree?

Monday, December 13, 2010

for the studly man in your life...

for him..

so i was all pleased with my gift guide when my husband peeked over my shoulder and stated, "umm, i wouldn't want any of that for christmas... well, maybe the bourbon sampler". ha! well, i had all these bookmarked as things i would have bought ed. he suggested the "30 for 30" box set for any guy who likes sports. i took a gander at it, but it didn't look pretty in my roundup :)

*check out grace's husband's suggestions for the real male perspective!

new york new york!

bergdorf windows

{photos via habitually chic}

in t minus 3 days, i will be back in the big apple and i couldn't be more excited!!! it's been six months since i moved away, and i am so ready to see all of my friends. i'm coming to the big apple on a very fun work trip with boss lady, annette joseph for her today show segment.

while i'm there, do y'all have any new york suggestions for us? new restaurants to try? favorite shops or sights to see? i'm worried once i'm there it might be hard to get me back on that ole return flight ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

things that never go out of style...


{photos via i like nice things and coach}

i am in the process of gussying up for a cocktail party, the second of a series of FOUR this weekend! the lavish conference is this weekend and it is bringing plenty of social media and soirees... and sequins. lots o sequins. i also get to bring along a date, my new ladylike pocketbook i have fondly nicknamed, gladys. she's a real sophisticated broad, and i dig it.

the dresscode for tonight's fete is all black. why is it as soon as i'm given a dresscode, i want to break it? maybe if i looked as lovely as miss liv, i could rock a simple party dress and heels. girls who can shine without any additional bells and whistles(note her lack of accessories) amaze me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

guess who's coming to dinner...

oh my goodness. i am so excited, there is no way i'm getting a decent night's sleep. the lovely ladies of rue are coming to dinner at my boss lady's apartment. my head might combust with all the darling peeps attending tomorrow... miss crystal g, anne sage, bri emery, the adorable southern flourish gal pal lesley graham, milk and honey julie holloway and annette's dream team (brent gipson and natalie kriss{this cutie pie hasn't gotten on the blog train...yet}). guaranteed i will be super blush-y and really overwhelmed with so many creative peeps in one room!

also, i can't wait to meet new faces and hug familiar ones at lavish this weekend. i'm speaking at a couple sessions, one with my design*sponge peeps, so if you're attending please please please come up and introduce yourself. it would honestly make me so stinkin' happy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


emily e

just as i was about to tuck my overalls away for the winter, maya posted this picture of emily. i adore how she paired them with a soft, fuzzy sweater. throw on a pair of long johns underneath and you'd be good to go! i love unexpected ways of layering, it makes me so happy.

i first found emily via jak and jil, when i saw her denim & stripe collection, which is pretty yummy if you ask me. stripes and polka dots are the only patterns i can get down with, and frankly, never go out of style!

Monday, December 6, 2010

making spirits bright...

holiday bar 2

{1. st germain elderflower liquor, 2. infinium, 3. bulleit bourbon, 4. & 5. swanson wines, 6. fee brothers bitters}

bar accessories

{7. silver drink platter, 8. white enamel ice bucket, 9. gin rummy glasses, 10. vintage ice cube tray, 11. silver spoon straws, 12. decanter labels, 13. gold martini shaker, 14. peppermint sticks, 15. cork screw}

my husband and i spent the weekend nursing our colds with hot toddies, a drink that normally repels me(not a whiskey gal) when i happen to stumble upon this recipe from the new york times for a smoky eggnog(again, not a cocktail that appeals to me), and i found myself feeling adventurous. after all, the holiday season is a perfect excuse to try new things and make spirits bright. here are some things i would happily stock our bar with.

*and, for some more spirited fun, pop on over to mystic domestica!
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