Thursday, February 18, 2010

blanket of white...

i am not even a little tired of the snow. not one bit. i love waking up to trees coated in powdery white. and grey skies. spring can wait, so long as there is snow in my life.

ginny and snowhawk

my husband lent me his jacket and we took a snowy, morning tour of prospect park. we made snow icecream and watched all the families take their babies sledding and teach them how to make jolly snowmen.

tree snowman

snowman under tree

snow baby 3

snowjager baby


we saw an army of snowmen, far as the eye can see, stationed at different points all along the park. there were dapper snowmen with red velvet bowties and punk rock snowmen with pine branch mohawks. and lots of snowbabies. i wanted to hug all the snowbabies. new yorkers really shine in this department.

snow forts 2

snow forts

pbr snow


ed and i got a real kick out of seeing the hardcore snow forts littered with beer cans, gloves, and forgotten sleds. i doubt i will ever witness enough snow in georgia to craft anything more than a tightly packed snowball.

tree heart

ed heart ginny

but my favorite thing to do is snow graffiti. on any given snowy day, you can be sure to find me carving hearts on trees and doodling elementary school-style declarations of love. if you live in the park slope area keep a look out...

ed and ginny snow

in short, we love the snow. love. i hope everyone had a chance to hurl a snowball, sled down a hill, or at least savor some delicious snow icecream. probably not too many of these days left before spring arrives...'til then at least i have the winter olympics to tide me over.


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

there really are so many cute snowpeople in prospect park lately!

RMLangley said...

GinnyB! You should have been in Atlanta last weekend. Several inches of snow on TL's bday! We loved loved our Vday card :) Miss you ~ R

BlondeShot Creative said...

I love snow too! GA DID get a pretty big snow (for here anyways) last week. It only lasted one day but it was great.

Anonymous said...

I love snow, too! I read so many blogs that are talking about Spring. And don't get me wrong, I love Spring, but I adore Winter.

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