Tuesday, February 2, 2010

decoder valentine...

lovey dovey mantle

so this year i am feverishly working on my puzzle purse valentines(details to follow), but this latest valentine is my inspiration for next year's card!

decoder valentine
the victorians really stepped up their game in the love department. honeycomb crepe paper, die-cuts, three-dimensional bases, and pull-tabs. so much handwork and thoughtful detail!

bill and coo

perfect match

hard hit valentine
this one is so funny, with the best phrases... bill and coo? never heard it before, but now i'm gonna figure out how to incorporate it into everyday usage.

lovey mantle

i want to be in the love business. i don't know how, but it will happen. if i were tom in 500 days of summer i would wake up everyday and be stoked to come up with lovey dovey cards. i would just cross my fingers for a bigger budget ;)


Jay said...

Um, you need to write a business plan and open up a shop ASAP. You can do personalized calligraphy Valentines, Amy can do special bouquets, and you can pull in the rest of your crafty friends for other lovely things. And I'll volunteer to be your heart-shaped candy buyer!!

"hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love." said...

hahahahahaha! jay, i love the way your mind works! ed and i had talked about opening up " i love love" and making it an antique store geared toward wedding details! vintage cake toppers, bridal trousseau, the whole kit and kaboodle! and i tried to rope amy into being our florist extraordinaire!

i would love to one day... i keep eyeing spaces in the slope area!

Miss B said...

"Bill and coo" -- have you never heard Miss Fitzgerald sing "Lullaby of Birdland"? The verse "Have you ever heard two turtledoves, bill and coo, when they love? That's the kind of magic music we make with our lips, when we kiss"

There -- all contextualized for you! Now you just need to bring this into everyday parlance!

Natalie Catherine said...

haha these are awesome!

Yolksy said...

these are the best! love it!

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