Friday, February 19, 2010

hello gorgeous...


my first paperwhite bloomed! i think our apartment smells like heaven, and my husband complains that the paperwhites smell like urine. ahhhh marital bliss.


anemone 2

and the local florist had white anemone's with little pink-striped undersides. i love how the stems crook and bend as if to greet you.

growing flowers from bulbs is pretty rewarding. i even whisper to my flowers as i water them and give them funny names. i've heard plants respond to whispered sweet nothings, no? i think i might have to make miss halligan norris' mini megaphone for this. ed thinks i'm loony tunes. now i have an amaryllis bulb, courtesy of momma stelling, nestled in a pot that i am cheering on every day to bloom.

this may become an addiction. which might be healthier than ice cream or online shopping. and probably much cheaper. when the weather warms up, i see a day trip to liberty sunset garden. 'til then, bodegas GRDN and zuzu's petals will be my salvation.


Jay said...

O, everything looks so lovely! I adore paperwhites, but I must admit that they are just a little... robust in the smell.

I'm thinking about splurging on some blooms for my party. Something simple, though, and seasonally appropriate. Maybe some dried stuff? Hydrangea, curly willow, billy buttons? Ideas?

moodboard said...

Anemones are my favorite flower. The pink & white stripes against the dark center? Be still my heart.

Faux Naif said...

this is wonderful! did you know that in the golden age of the netherlands (17th century), tulips were so popular that they painted individual portraits of them in order to remember them once their beauty had faded?

i just love that.

Cathy Heck said...

I, too, love the scent of paperwhites, AND my husband also finds their scent less than lovely. And it has been thus for 30 years, but we still adore each other, even though we will never agree on paperwhites! (I just discovered your blog and it is very loveable, by the way.) :-)

Eliza Coleman said...

Hey Ginny! Love your blog!!! Kyle turned me on to it and says she's embarrassed at how much she checks it :)

Interesting you should say that about Ed's reaction to your paperwhites... I personally love them too, but did you know that paperwhites actually smell like urine/manure to about 1/4 of the population? It's due to a chemical in some narcissus/tazettas called indole, that is the same chemical given off by e.coli!


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