Friday, February 12, 2010

interrupt this program...

i have a sick computer. my poor mac is at the computer hospital. i am so sad and have a series of valentine's day posts waiting to be shared. last night i had to improvise my valentine's day "puzzle purse" cards due to this technical difficulty. but here is what i will share when my computer is all healed and well...

* my d-i-y rose crown.

* a sweet care package from my mom.

* paperwhite success!

* red doily garlands and vintage finds.
*snowmen, snow forts, snow icecream, and snow hearts.

* a visit to champion stamp.

*...and more!

sigh. i'm being optimistic, hopeful, and am using the secret for my sweet, baby mac. think good thoughts for her!!!

so don't judge me when i barrage y'all with lovey dovey posts after valentine's day is over. hearts and kisses and roses can be current all year 'round, right?


Caddy said...

I hope your mac get well soon. Looking forward to your new posts. I love Love too. :)

lis said...

i'm sending lots of positive thoughts for your mac. hang in there and have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Clio said...

Oh no! I wish your mac a safe recovery.. it's a trying time we've all been through at one stage of another!

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