Tuesday, February 2, 2010

love letters...

calligraphy 101

calligraphy is neat, neat, neat. i love learning technique and form, and the genuine art behind fine lettering. our teacher is wonderful and it is a class full of good girls (and one very nice man). and i got to meet miss macon, another lovely georgia peach!

pretty papers

the materials we are working with are delicious. we line our own paper and build our own pens. who knew so much was put into just creating the instruments? burning nibs and attaching reservoirs, and such. unfortunately, i'm abysmal at lining paper. it involves, me, a ruler, and 3/8" marks. it brings me back to sewing and pattern drafting... shudder.

dear eddie

i can't wait to improve and hopefully be able to letter folks' wedding invitations. and make sweet little samplers with beautiful letters. maybe one day, complete an embroidered family tree? right now i am practicing my penmanship by writing little love letters to ed. baby steps, y'all...


Jay said...

You clever, clever girl! You let me know as soon as I can hire you for some lettering!

pattyp said...

"Bill and Coo" is from a movie of the same name (1948) that features trained birds. There are no humans in the film. It features the largest miniature set ever made for a movie. Bill and Coo are the main characters of the love story!

Love your site. :-)

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