Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tastes like candy...

seeing candy was like feeling a beautiful heartache. a feminine, bohemian, romantic version of requiem for a dream. i miss heath ledger. it is so sad when a bright light burns out before their time. sigh.

an apple a day...

today i am grateful for...

1. arriving at work and hearing that it is actually my day off. and what a beautiful day it was!

2. returning to mudhoney-my original hair salon. i missed miyu, michael, veronica, hopi, and paul. miyu touched up my roots and gave me back my silver locks!

3. visiting the smile, a new adorable cafe/concept store/soon-to-be home to a scott campbell tattoo parlor on bond street. it is filled with treasures. wool and the gang yarn. sol moscot eyeglasses. mariages freres tea. and a bubbly shopgirl named abby who enthusiastically chatted me up about the store. she looked like juliet from the zeffirelli version of romeo and juliet. amy merrick joined me here for a coffee. we ate berries and cream and she brought me edison bulbs. i love this girl.

4. visiting the john derian stores. i could live in his stores. hide amongst the old stuffed animals and feather dusters. and sneak out at night and have a tea party with all the glittery easter bunies and birdies. we could pretend to eat the marble fruit and read the folk art painted-wood "book covers". i could put on a puppet show with his vintage marionettes and weigh down my pockets with his miniature sandbags. oh my!

5. "standing in the line" with one of my best friends (and bridesmaids) jessica singleton at the barnes and noble. we waited three hours to meet stevie nicks!!!!! truthfully, i only know four or five fleetwood mac songs. jessica is a die-hard stevie fan. she used to tell people that stevie was really her birth mother; dressed as her for halloween one year; and claims, "stevie and my art teacher were the only things that got me through high school". amazing.

6. snapping up amy merrick's to-die-for horse ribbons and first edition little prince book on her etsy shop, emerson merrick. i could buy everything in her shop. a true wonder emporium. i promise i won't buy everything...well, i will try not to...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunday fun day...

today i am grateful for...

1. date night with eddie! we shared a pizza; took a taxi to the theater; saw i love you man; drank chocolate milk shakes at veselka; and walked home. it was perfect. relatively cheap and our first date night in a while. it feels so good to spend time outside of the apartment with the man i love. and the movie was pretty hilarious.

2. sweet amy merrick and peter hale cooney for cheering me up. very dear to my heart those two.

3. seeing the first sign of spring...a tree with white floral blooms. i did a happy dance in the street. like a crazy person. i can't wait for the cherry blossoms to explode. it's my favorite. photo by monmartre.

4. fantasizing about living in a swanky apartment in brooklyn. if i still had long hair, this could have been me.

5. this big pink bow on this small in stature( big in personality) girl. she just looks like an illustration to me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

weekend goodies...

1. maybe if i carry these in my purse everyday i can always be ready for a party. genius.

2. every time i look at this seller, i wish i had a pink kitchen aid mixer. i have registered for it, now all i need is a real kitchen. one where i don't have to open a cabinet in order to open the oven...
(found via amy merrick)

3. i saw this poster and laughed out loud. sounds like me trying to get in shape for the wedding. only two months and a day to go. it's "bride bod" time. found via mary ruffle. cutie patootie.

3. i've always wished i could have vases of dandelions in my home. sadly, they don't stay put. all those wishes have to fulfill their destinies. can't remember where i found this photo...

4. i want this little girl painting to add to my collection of girl portraits.

5. worked on some ideas for my easter cards. wishing i had a light box right about now.

party like it's 1990...

happy weekend y'all. enjoy this spring weather. and this video of fierce miss linda evangelista.
who was your favorite supermodel of the 90s?

my sister, amy, was obsessed with cindy. had all her workout videos. and we both had her makeup book which is actually amazing. i loved calvin klein era kate moss, laetitia casta, and kirsty hume. who i met one of my first trips to new york when sephora just opened and was all the rage. she had the coolest fishtail pigtail braids. to her waist.

in the words of pete...fashion.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

candy coated rain drops...

today i am grateful for...

1. finding this cutie-pie on rose coloured rain. eddie, petey, and i talk about how much we want a pet bunny. every day. pete also wants a pair of doves that he can train. when pete needs to brighten his day he goes to the nearest pet shop and looks at fishes. what a cute and free mood lifter!

2. my sweet email from stephany. she sent me adorable photos that made me smile from ear to ear. this is one of them. everyone should receive happy emails in their inbox from nice girls. it is the best.

3. re-merchandising the shop that i work at. it was a slow, rainy day today. the perfect way to make time fly!

4. obsessing over embroidery samples. this seller stitches perfectly precious motifs. her constellations really get my heart a fluttering...

5. these wedges . i need them in my life. i have such a weakness for spice-girls era shoes. and by weakness i mean addiction.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

work hard and be nice to people...

today i am grateful for...

work hard and be nice to people

1. year and a day's business meeting this afternoon in the financial district. we got some solid advice from a man who looked like a combination of mr. rogers/walt disney.

i wish we had ikea tea towel

2. chelsea taking me to the ikea in red hook. my first real ikea experience. she suggested buying more shelving for our apartment to save money on investing in a storage unit. and she even bought me an ice cream cone at the ikea snack shop. and she bought me a red heart ice cube tray. and paid for my transportation. she is the best! i found these old photos from our first build-it-yourself ikea furniture experience. this particular piece never made it to the final phase, because i gave up. i hate construction.

mimi love

3. finding my "box o happiness" old picnic tin filled with my embroidery floss. i have been searching high and low in our apartment for the last few months, and today i found her!!!!

i love you more than

4. eddie treating me to breakfast and dinner. i love him more than sequins and glitter. and cupcakes. and all of my knick knacks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dream catcher...

today i am grateful for

1. my colored pencils arriving from the very preggers gogoabigail etsy seller, abigail vintage. i love my sweet pencils-they're mini pencils packaged in the sweetest merry-go-round packaging. vintage children's memorabilia is the best.

2. one of my best friends, sweet haylie-bird is moving to new york. it's official. she has quite the fan club who has been waiting for her to make this decision...and we are so flipping excited!

3. the new gap collection. thank you patrick robinson.

4. a new peek inside kime buzzelli's magical colorful dreamland world. photos by jeaneen lund.

5. this ever after poster from uppercase. i want it.

6. chelsea cook researching the ends and outs of turning our accessories line into a proper business. there is so much that goes into running your own line. holy smokes. so much that it makes my head spin. how to get initial start-up capital, loans and grants, overhead and expenses, press kits, chargebacks, oh my!

*wikiHow has a cute list of suggestions for this...and everything else you could want!

Monday, March 23, 2009

mr. and mrs. smith...

the best wedding invitation i have ever seen. hands down. it even came with confetti. and a kissing booth. well done adam smith and halligan norris.

graphics designed by the amazing always baking cupcakes meagan bennett. printing by emletterpress.com. i think this is just perfect.

for all credits and more adorable photos go here
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