Sunday, November 28, 2010

gifts for the wanderluster...

{four years in paradise & i married adventure, women travelers}

{woerther 3m wooden pencil, warby parker monocle, pith helmet, compass, swissco tortoise toothbrushes, leather passport cover, zebra rug, j peterman carry-on bag, pentax k1000 camera}

man oh man, have y'all been reading miss amy merrick's travel diary on her blog? i have totally been bitten by the travel bug. i wanna make like penny lane and hightail it to morocco with my cute husband. or maybe just read osa johnson's books. or watch disney's UP. sigh. here are some treats for the explorers and adventurers in your life!

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Anonymous said...

I am SOO ecstatic that you're doing gift guides! Your blog is a great mix of well-arranged items and really bomb taste, and I've often been clued in to shops/blogs/artists to which I am now totally devoted, all thanks to your adorable webspace. So please, keep this up!!

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